Tibet, India and the Chinese and the Calendars that Join them

I've been curious about the matter of the Tibetan sacred calendar or Wheel of Time (Kalachakra) for some time. In her latest article 'Tibet, India and the Chinese and the Calendars that Join them', Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet discusses the calendar distortion (deviation from the Tropical Zodiac) that set in, not only in India, but in Tibet as well. Readers are invited to consider the ramifications of this distortion in the history and current difficulties/disarray of both countries.

Excerpt: 'The signal that Time’s allegiance was lost in Tibet and India goes back to the 12th Century when a disarrangement of the calendars in both nations began. Over the centuries this mismanagement of calendrical matters has assumed alarming proportions. Unfortunately Tibet for the most part follows India’s lead in these matters, having opened its arms many centuries ago to embrace Buddhism, born on Indian soil in approximately 500 BCE. From there Buddhism dug deep roots into Tibet as well as farther east. This adoption of a spiritual path that emphasises the unreality of material existence in favour of the Nirvanic experience of the Void was an underminer of all things rooted in time and space. It was entirely predictable that before long the correct computation of Time for rituals and horoscopy would move away from the true temporal system and that essential connection would be lost. ....'

Click HERE to read 'Tibet, India and the Chinese and the calendars that join them' in FULL in The Chakra (21 February 2011).


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