Summer Solstice 2010 & Geometries of the Tropical Year

This astrological chart was drawn for 21 June 2010,
Sun Rise (5:53 am) Pacific Standard Time (PST) in California, USA.

The Summer Solstice chart highlights the 'Square' relationship between Uranus/Jupiter (0/1 Aries), the Sun (0° Cancer), Saturn (28° Virgo), Pluto (4° Capricorn) and the Trine or Triangle relationship between the Sun (0° Cancer), the Moon (0° Scorpio) and Neptune (28° Aquarius).

I am not presenting the chart so as to analyze it mentally, to suggest what I think it means or portends. I am presenting it because on of 21 June 2010, some may wish to wake up for the Sunrise and meditate on the profound geometries of the planets at this time. As the Sun rises, Jupiter and Uranus will be mid sky (overhead), Pluto will be setting and Saturn will be 'below' the Earth (nadir). The Moon will not be visible but nonetheless it will be in Trine with the Sun (on the Eastern horizon) and Neptune (which will sit in the western sky).

So far this year, the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano erupted for the first time on the Spring Equinox (0 degrees Aries) at the start or Zero Point of the Tropical or Vedic Year and then a month later, when the Sun moved into Taurus on 20 April 2010, the Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig exploded and initiated the ongoing 'cataclysmic' oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. So I do wonder if other world events will be timed to the pace and pulse of the Tropical Year/Zodiac (especially the eruption of Katla in Iceland that historically follows in the footsteps of the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano) ...Well certainly the life cycles/journeys of all creatures on earth are timed to the pace and pulse of the Tropical Year/Zodiac, (balanced as it is on the pivotal Equinoxes and Solstices) but to what extent I think we all have a lot to learn.

For those who wish to know more of the symbols, geometries and journey of the Zodiac, the first three 'Circumsolatious Links' (in the right column of this blog) will take readers to my favorite books on the subject. Cafe Astrology has a nice list that links astrological symbols to the names of the planets, luminaries and signs which they represent.

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