The Chilean Earthquake & Tsunami

The Chilean Earthquake and Tsunami:
A Living Symbol of How the Center and Periphery Are Connected
At 3:33 am on the 27th of February 2010 there WAS NO incident in Chile. A minute later (3:34 am) there WAS. There was a distinct moment when WAS NOT (asat – Sanskrit for non-existence) became IS or WAS (sat – Sanskrit for existence or Being). The same can be said of any new birth or world event. The moment and place something enters into manifestation or takes birth is the zero point, source point, seed point or epicenter – of that something. What was hidden or not yet active in time and space, becomes active and proceeds to have ‘a life of its own’ … but a ‘life’ or dynamism that is inseparable from … is a microcosm of the life and dynamism of the whole. 

From the zero point or epicenter of the Chilean 8.8 earthquake proceeded waves of destruction as well as ensuing rescue and relief efforts. Scientists and tsunami warning centers scrambled to map the tsunami waves that would spread out from the epicenter and travel across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii and all continents of the Pacific Rim. The Pacific Ocean looked like a bathtub, puddle or lake that someone had dropped a pebble into. [In the  image below it is a duck emerging from a dive that caused the concentric waves.]

Phoenix Lake Duck, © Lori Tompkins, January 2009

The entire Pacific Rim was connected to the epicenter off the coast of Chile via the reality and force of the waves generated at that one point. In images and animations provided by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and other sources, one could see projections of the waves spread out from the epicenter across the Earth as the seconds, minutes and hours on the clock flew by. The element of time was vitally important in tracking how the wave traveled through space and who would be impacted and when. The tsunami images and animations do not show the 360° waves generated by the quake traveling through South America and beyond, or into the Earth’s crust, but they certainly did. [Apparently the entire axis of the Earth shifted 3 inches as a result of the event.]

Whether people realize it or not, part of the gift to be taken from the Chilean disaster is the image (courtesy of modern information technologies, new programming and the World Wide Web) burned into our collective consciousness of the tsunami waves flowing out from the epicenter and across the Pacific over the course of approximately a day. The real connection between the epicenter and the at-risk periphery was known and broadcast as quickly as possible so that people who shared the same ocean knew ahead of time to brace themselves for potential damage from abnormal waves and tides. In times other than our own people would simply be caught unaware by a tsunami and could only conjecture about its cause or source. Even if an earthquake was suspected, they would not know where it happened, how strong it was, how many people were affected, etc. The coastal villagers in Chile who knew from past experience that an earthquake could quickly send a deadly tsunami to their shores, went to higher grounds and survived. Coastal villagers, who did not make this connection, faced the most loss of life.

Knowing that a ‘seed’ event has repercussions that spread out over the globe in 360° time and space not only comes in handy when trying to survive an earthquake-born tsunami, but also when trying to understand ANY source event, or new birth and its unfolding … including one’s own birth – the point in time when one passed from Was Not to Was. Many people track time lines of important events or persons; but lack the higher consideration, knowledge and vision of how energy and light travels … how the individual and collective soul travels and morphs into new forms and occurrences in spheres, circles and cycles of time and space. In the case of understanding and tracking an earthquake-tsunami, this dynamic is somewhat understood by modern man. We expect a quake-tsunami to radiate in 360 degrees. But when it comes to understanding and navigating the waves and concentric cycles set in motion by the impact/force of one’s own birth and by significant personal or global events, most are in the dark. We are confronted all the time with proverbial ‘tsunami waves’ which seem completely random to us, because we do not have the wherewithal to connect the waves or circumstance to a source event or to see how circumstances unfold with precision, ‘like clockwork’ through the hours, days, years and aeons.

My frequent references to and celebration of the work of Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea) stem from the fact that she has had the wherewithal … the higher vision, to bring the Circle and its ‘epicenter’ into full view as an ABSOLUTELY necessary key or base of knowledge by which individuals and the larger collective can view, track and experience events as connected to SOURCE and as part of an orderly unfolding or evolution. No other world teacher, since the Vedic seers walked the Earth, has scratched the surface of this important unifying world Gnosis; and she has, despite all obstacles and ill will, laid it out there for all who have eyes to see, like a hero in a Dan Brown thriller who is the bane of religious zealots.

Interestingly enough, in Dan Brown’s latest thriller, The Lost Symbol, the circumpunct (the Circle and Dot) figures as a major key and clue to the ancient mysteries and ancient knowledge which it is mankind’s time to recover. The storyline reveals in dramatic fashion that one secret or code name for the circumpunct throughout history has been ‘the Rose’ and that this rose symbolizes the unity of source, of creation … of ALL (the unity of the one and the many).  
‘The circumpunct … we know already has many meanings – one of its most esoteric being the rose, the alchemical symbol for perfection. But, when you place a rose on the center of a cross, you create another symbol entirely – the Rose Cross [i.e. ‘Rosicrucian’].’  (The Lost Symbol, p. 320, hardback edition)

‘In the idiom of symbology, there was one symbol that reigned supreme above all others. The oldest and most universal, this symbol fused all the ancient traditions in a single solitary image that represented the illumination of the Egyptian sun god, the triumph of alchemical gold, the wisdom of the Philosopher's Stone, the purity of the Rosicrucian Rose, the moment of Creation, the All, the dominance of the astrological sun, and even the omniscient all-seeing eye that hovered atop the unfinished pyramid. The circumpunct. The symbol of the Source. The origin of all things.'  (ibid., p. 459)
Dan Brown’s research and fictional account of how knowledge, light, and truth of Self (truth of Existence) are to be uncovered and spread out across the globe in our Aquarian Age are admirable and useful in that masses of people are introduced to religion-transcending and all-harmonizing ideas and symbols of Unity, and are encouraged to fathom the real gist of our pressing ‘apocalypse’. 

In reading the book, I wondered at first if Brown had read Thea’s writings. Her birth certificate astonishingly enough, actually reads (via a misprint in her last name) ‘the little 9th Rose’ (Rose Nonelli). Considering her connection to the circumpunct and to the circle of 9 and 0, I wondered if her yoga had in any way affected or inspired Brown’s writing about this symbol. When I finished the book I thought, probably not. If he had read Thea’s work, it is doubtful that his book would have failed to address the necessity of understanding dynamism, becoming or the unfolding of the symbol ‘Rose’ (i.e. the whole of creation and its evolution), the dynamics of the Circle, and how events and circumstances in time and space are connected to the Source or point of origin. Now I wonder if his curiosity and research into the divine mysteries, sacred symbols and sacred geometries will ever compel him to dive through that illustrious door.

© Lori Tompkins
3 March 2010 (3.3.3)

Phoenix Lake Circles, © Lori Tompkins, January 2009

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T O   S H O W E R   T H I S   B L O G / P O S T  with   W E B   L O V E 
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  1. Using the Chilean earthquake to explain the 0 point and circumpunct made for a very interesting article, Lori. Dan Brown would find a bonanza in the work of Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet - the 9th Rose. One can only hope that he will be led to the treasure soon.


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