'The Mother' by Sri Aurobindo – Progress in the Earth-Consciousness

Question [Student]: Is there really an internal progress in the universe – “marche interne d’univers”, as the Mother says? Except in a few individuals there is hardly any progress in mankind. Internally and externally the universe seems to be moving in the same circle always without making any essential progress.

Answer [Sri Aurobindo]: “Univers” in French usually means not the whole universe but the “world” – the earth. There must be a progress in the earth-consciousness, otherwise there could have been no evolution. The evolution of mankind may go in circles or spirals, but there is all the time an opening of more and more complete possibilities till the possibility of the evolution of a higher race becomes valid.
– 1 November 1936, found in The Mother by Sri Aurobindo

Today I've been re-reading certain sections of The Mother, and found the above jewel/quote thanks to the following comment on another blog post:
'Regarding [Sri Aurobindo] I read his book on Integral Yoga (compilation of letters) but the one that most deeply changed my life is his book "The Mother", which really simplifies his yoga and it has really changed my life. Few people seem to have read this gem while getting lost in philosophical issues in his other books, without really getting to the essence.'
Below are links to a video series wherein the Mother reads from this book:

“The Mother. Part 1. The Conditions of the Light and the Truth”

“The Mother. Part 2. The Integral Rejection”

“The Mother. Part 3. Complete Surrender”

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