Piscean Hangover or Aquarian Age Appropriate?

‘As If the Universe Were One Single Organism’ attracted a comment from a friend who is increasingly open to the idea that existence is a divine manifestation and is at the same time a bit of a skeptic when it comes to the idea of a divine order or a divine precision that expresses itself in the smallest of circumstances. He wrote:

‘"All universal designs are found in human body proportions" [a quote from Michael Schneider’s book]. That seems more like a leap of faith. Examples don't necessarily lead to a "therefore" statement such as that.’

I replied: ‘… It is not so much a leap of faith ... it is actually a process of measuring and learning to appreciate relationships between parts of any whole (and of course parts of THE Whole).’

How to put this in another way? When it comes to growing a vision of the underlying consciousness-force (or divinity) that ties microcosm to macrocosm (the above to the below, the inside to the outside, form to soul), faith has just about nothing to do with it. Just like faith would have just about nothing to do with learning a new language or sport, or with deciphering a coded message. There is a structure to be learned, keys of knowledge (including keys of measure) that allow one to see through appearances and become increasingly aware of the sacred geometry/sacred architecture/divine will unfolding in time and space in one’s individual and collective field. As one takes on the task of learning this particular language or sport of deciphering the coded messages of the Divine as found in material existence, direct experience continues to expose or bring to the surface the hidden order and consciousness of the Self. As a result, one becomes increasingly in tune with the divine harmony. [The symbol of the Freemasons - the compass and ruler, represents this task of measuring]

The primordial note (OM), the underlying shruti or the sanatana dharma (eternal truth) which describes the central tone or the ‘One’ that harmonizes the ‘Many’ notes of existence, becomes increasingly ‘audible’ or directly perceivable so one no longer needs to have faith in Divinity. One sees and experiences the consciousness-force at play in the cyclical course (in the circumstance) of the journey and recognizes the continuity of the Divine not only from form to form and event to event, but also from day to day, year to year, in past, present and future. From this point of view, the ‘negative’ as well as the ‘positive’ elements of the journey are seen to be in cahoots towards furthering the evolutionary progress of the Whole. The world pulse and flow is seen to have the express purpose of bringing about the full material expression of the indwelling Soul – the full material expression of the Soul’s light, truth, consciousness, force and bliss.

Currently our civilization is suffering the inevitable consequences of a whole belief structure that is frozen or encrusted around the idea that the divine is absent in the flow/structure of time and in the details of material creation. Maya originally synonymous with material creation and measure, came to be known as an illusion, and Time (Kala) as a force of destruction [as depicted in Goya's painting of the god of time, Chronos] Such perspectives are firmly rooted in and grown from the experience of life as a random, disharmonious and perhaps meaningless parade of strife, suffering and loss. This pain-born belief structure was dominant in the Age of Pisces (234 BCE – 1926 CE) and out of its world-weary womb came our modern-day religious faiths (faith in a better pasture and divinity beyond the chains of this world existence), as well as the yawning chasm between science and religion and an apparent desire to conquer, dominate, subdue, plunder and own the Earth and its riches. Also out of this belief structure came a thorough dismissal of ancient cultures and wisdom traditions that ordered, harmonized and coordinated their lives and all their systems of knowledge according to the divine measurements or dimensions of the cosmos, the solar system, the Sun, the Earth and the Moon. The sacred, multi-dimensional, and measurable journey known to our ancient relatives and their efforts to keep track of vast cycles of time so that future civilizations might not lose the plot (i.e. might not get lost in a seemingly random evolutionary journey without a map or without the map keys), have survived the ages to be largely taken for granted, ignored or misinterpreted by modern mankind. For instance, few people on the planet have considered that the Lion/Man, the Sphinx of Giza is a temple most likely built in the Age of Leo (the Lion), nor how amazing it is that the Lion body of the Sphinx was hidden under sand for thousands and thousands of years, only to be uncovered in 1926, the very beginning of the Age of Aquarius (the Man).

If one has read the collective work of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, one knows that this situation is being rectified; one knows that the ship-wrecking, self-wrecking world-wrecking belief structure that became dominant in the Piscean Age is being melted, dissolved or dismantled, bit by bit, chunk by chunk in our current Aquarian Age by a new influx, current or ‘descent’ of knowledge. The gist of their world-rectifying story is that we actually do have the right map keys by which to re-orient ourselves and remember ourselves (our divinity, our love, our joy, etc.) within a larger process, an all-encompassing (integral) process inclusive of the trials and tribulations and accomplishments of previous Ages and previous civilizations as well as those of our present. The matter of how long it will take for larger and larger swirls of people to notice, study and use these keys, i.e. to make the needed effort to see or know the Divine Maya (the Divine Measure) has been a bit of a nail-bitter for me; but over time I have learned to better appreciate the suspense of the Divine Play.

If at first I am somewhat horrified by all of the ‘New-Age’ teachings that are actually a throwback or a hangover from the Maya negating, time blind, cosmologically backward Age of Pisces, I am ever the more thrilled when studies of world and self prove themselves to be age appropriate – that is appropriate to the Aquarian Age in which we are now living. That which continues to ignore or dismiss the Divine Maya, the cosmic order and divine consciousness uniting all beings and reverberating, replicating and evolving itself throughout time, in our individual and collective lives and in the cells of life and atomic particles of matter, is simply no longer age appropriate. The time for forgetting, discounting or being otherwise oblivious to these fabulous and spectacular aspects and dimensions of ourselves is coming to an end; as is the time of hemorrhaging monumental amounts of precious time, energy and life due to a profound ignorance of THAT which we all have in common.

What I am really trying to say is that FAITH in the idea of an orderly, harmonious divine existence is thankfully not going to cut it in this day and age, nor is a vague or merely artistic or mathematical appreciation of sacred geometries (literally ‘earth-measure’). The demands of our Age will necessitate that we cultivate a lived experience of these things.

T O   S H O W E R   T H I S   B L O G / P O S T  with   W E B   L O V E 
S H A R E   IT  using  A N Y  of  the  I C O N S  below  


  1. Thanks Lori. After reading your responses here, have more capacity to being open to the possibility of everything having a divine order and structure. Honestly, it still feels like a leap of faith or a belief, since examples don't necessarily translate to a comprehensive overarching law, but it doesn'e necessarily mean its not true either. The more our eyes are open to seeing this everywhere, the more perhaps, such as in your case, we will begin to see it everywhere. I will say that it is convenient if you to say that it is the soul that accounts for variations in the divine order. In accounting they call it the "fudge factor" where you fudge numbers to make them work. I math, it's rounding errors, in metaphysics, I guess it's the soul. It may be, but it is convenient. thanks.

  2. Hi Ted, I hope all is well on your European adventure.

    Your comment makes me wonder if, from your point of view, variations found in individual forms represent examples of a variation or deviation away from a divine order? From my point of view, variation is part and parcel of the divine order, not an anathema to it. Absolutely nothing would exist or evolve if there were no variation from the point, seed or the One. There would be no divine order because there would be nothing to order, no divine harmony because there would be nothing in existence to harmonize. Without variation one would be left with a static monotony or mono tone. In variation from form to form I see infinite expressions, re-creations, re-presentations, personalities, microcosms and evolution of the divine Self/Cosmos … each variation having its place in the whole, just like each planet of the solar system is different from every other, yet each is clearly part of a harmonious whole bound to the creative force of the Sun.

    It is not a leap of faith at all to see that the Sun/Sol organizes the field of play of our solar system. It seems that even the most metaphysically un-inclined would have to admit that without our central Sol we would have no Earth, no environment, no circumstances, no substance and no time and space to be or become or to express anything. It is definitely another thing entirely to see the solar system as a microcosm or real symbol of a divine or conscious order. So even if we can see or fathom that our Sun effortlessly organizes a whole solar system, that does not necessarily translate for most of us into the idea that the whole of existence has One common organizing Soul. Neither does it translate directly into the idea that the whole of one’s individual’s field, life circumstance or self-expression is organized by one’s individual soul. So I truly do understand that for many such a view of reality, – a view of a divine soul expressing itself in varied but still organized ways in reality, occurs as leap of faith or fuzzy, fudgy metaphysics.

    For others, such as myself, it occurs as a real process of yoga, a real quest for truth, a life practice and a life journey of discovery complete with all manner of trial, tribulation and progressive initiations that produces a more and more integral view of the whole and an increasingly convincing, satisfying and real experience of the individual and collective Soul. Faith has truly not been the ‘thing’ that has compelled my journey/yoga, anymore than faith is the thing that makes a seed grow into a healthy plant and eventually produce flowers or fruit. It has been consciousness -- the consciousness inherent in and continuously manifesting in me from the time I was a single-celled entity up til now, and the consciousness of the physical womb that somehow knew how to birth me, and the consciousness of the world and larger cosmos that has met me and spoken to me in ways that were so well coordinated and precise and so very real that I could not help but take notice of its movements and force.

  3. When i Think about it I try to expand my consciousnes to be wider to also embrace others, the town, the land the earth, the universe. This gives an experience of not to be there myself, because i experience a large space with everything in it. This I see as the Zero full of everything, where Thea speaks of in the New Way. For me this is at every new beginning, when I realize it.



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