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A View of the USA's Trump Crisis in Terms of the Gnostic Circle

On 7 February 2017 Senator Warren was silenced by Repulicans while trying to read the 1986 letter of Coretta Scott King opposing Jeff Sessions' nomination as a federal judge due to his record of not supporting the civil rights of minorities in America. Over the past few days I have been mapping out some of the history of the USA since its Independence in 1776, in terms of a 360 cycle, using Thea's Gnostic Circle as the backdrop. I started mapping this out after realizing that 15 days after the 240th anniversary of USA's Independence, Trump became the presidential nominee for the Republican Party. I have recently been researching what Thea (Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet) has written about the dangerous passage over the 6 point of the circle in the course of the evolutionary journey towards higher expressions of the individual or collective soul, and realized that America's current crisis needs to be seen in this light.

The 6 point continually reveals itself to be vitally important, and tremendously dangerous if passage over this point does not serve to open one to the final round of unity and growth on a higher level.  
– Thea, The Gnostic Circle, p. 186
It is fascinating to see the geometry above wherein the point opposite our current position in this cycle is 0° Gemini (1836). Two years after the USA entered into Gemini came the Trail of Tears which epitomizes United State's ill treatment of Native Americans. It is interesting to see that the Trump administration's clamping down on refugees and immigrants sits opposite in the circle to this forced Death March of Native Americans, whose 180th anniversary is in 2018. The Standing Rock Protests are a prequel of this coming anniversary. The need for reconciliation and a much higher level of integrity in dealing with the United States' crimes against Native Americans will likely increase in the next years.

That 30 year period of Gemini ended with the Civil War and Lincoln's assassination sitting at the cusp of the Cancer Cardinal point. It is fitting that America's Civil War would fall in Gemini in this 360-year cycle, given that Gemini is the sign epitomizing the duality and division of the Mind yet to be illuminated. At the 3 Point (120° angle) of the Circle the US Supreme Court voted in favor of  'Separate But Equal' state-sponsored segregation in Plessy vs. Ferguson.

Then, in 1956 we came to the 4.5 Point of the circle which Thea wrote of as a 'Reversal Point'
In the number scale 0 to 9, it marks the exact halfway measure, the 4.5. If we were to lay this scale against the solar system of 9 orbit/planets, this reversal point would fall at the Asteroid Belt. That vast abyss in our system presents us with a visual impact of the reversal point’s effects when experienced in time on this planet, housing, as it does, billions of particles of some shattered cosmic body that once occupied the zone. Disintegration is thus its keyword, – a splintering, a shattering, a dismembering.   
This 1956 Reversal Point in American history was closely preceded by the Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka I and II rulings, the second of which ordered the desegregation of schools. In the last month of 1955, Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to sit at the back of the bus in Montgomery, Alabama, followed by MLK's first major speech. 1956 is considered the height of the Civil Rights Movement, which resulted in the passing of the Civil Rights Act in 1957.

Thirty years after this reversal point, upon entrance into the sign of Scorpio, MLK Day was first celebrated in America in 1986, and Coretta Scott King wrote her letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding Jeff Sessions. Thirty years later America entered into Sagittarius and with this passage has come Trump and the installation of an 'Alt-Right' government seemed bent on returning to a time when minorities in America were more effectively suppressed and marginalized.

It is quite striking to see this arc, and to see it punctuated on 7 February 2017 by the Republican-led Senate's refusal to let Senator Warren read Correta Scott King's 1986 letter in opposition to Jeff Sessions. Warren proceeded to read the letter outside the doors of the Senate and then the whole episode went viral. The attempt at repression has drawn tremendous attention to the letter which the Republicans had intended to silence, and adds new energy to the Resistance of the 'Alt-Right' Republican agenda.

Amidst this questionable behavior of our government, we can be assured that higher level of development that the soul of the United States is struggling to achieve is not racism, division and fascism. Our soul will continue to strive for greater unity and freedom and goodness which includes freedom from the scourge of toxic business practices and industries. As we move forward towards these goals, a backlash is inevitable, but so is our progress beyond this collective Ignorance in which we all participate in one way or another. A central theme of the backlash is the rejection of increasing globalism by nationalists. The USA is living this crisis out for all the world to see, and it is of course the entire world's problem. As Thea pointed out, in our collective evolutionary journey (in both the 77,760 year Maha Yuga Cycle and the even larger cycle of 311,040 years which are both discussed in The Gnostic Circle), we passed through the 6 Point in 234 BCE, which brought with it the rise of increasingly fanatical organized religions that continue to push our world to the brink of disaster ... all for the 'love of God' which is clearly a misguided and dysfunctional love on all fronts, not at all its highest expression or realization.

Crisis naturally erupts when the point of Sagittarius is reached and the well-crystallized Ignorance of the Past and of the Ego refuses to let go or dissolve, refusing to allow the forward movement towards the higher expression of the being. Thea's discussion on passage through the sign of Scorpio helps to illuminate what has yet to be accomplished in our evolutionary journey, not only in the consciousness of the USA, but throughout the world. 

[P]assage through the sign Scorpio would ideally bring about the death of that which served as a pedestal to the growth but which has no place in the higher evolution of man. In a word, when there is ego during passage through Scorpio, the individual must become liberated from some of the ‘excess baggage’, otherwise it is not possible to advance further. In that case the being remains caught in the wheel of eternal re-birth in ignorance, stopping his development at Scorpio … [rather than meeting] the orbit of Saturn in a cleansed condition. To experience the higher sphere it is impossible to carry the seeds of the old consciousness into that realm. The gnostic being who has the realisation of immortality has experienced the true meaning of Scorpio, which is to have died to a certain sheath of ourselves, to have become rid of the protective sack of the Mother and to have the psyche come forward and become the beacon of light during the further progress. For this individual the symbol of Scorpio has become the Eagle, a transmutation which merely means that he has realized his immortality and become rid of that which is death, the illusion of his ego. 
In Scorpio all that which is no longer of use falls away, the truth alone remains. Scorpio is the birth into the higher hemisphere, the plunge through the void of death into the fire of life of Sagittarius, the very process the entire races of Earth are actually living through in this 9th Manifestation. Most of humanity has never lived through such a birth. With a subtle vision one sees that individuals proceed through life enshrouded in the maternal sack, their auras are thus clouded by this stuff and the light which they carry within never manages to show itself. They are the living dead, for all that which has not become born exists within the kingdom of Death. The illusion of Death is only the fear and the reluctance to shed the veiling Sack and become born a light, full and pure, upon Earth. 
 – Thea, The Gnostic Circle, p. 224-5

This crisis is not merely about the divisiveness of Trump, it is about the collective Ignorance our entire world is trying to free itself from, and no one is exempt from the process. As Thea wrote, we all share the same higher destiny, and we share the journey that gets us there.

… [M]an isolates himself from the totality and views himself, his destiny as unique, separate though mirrored for him in the vast cosmos. This separative consciousness is the greatest obstacle to the study of the Cosmic Truth as reflected in the Gnostic Circle. Those in the lower hemisphere of knowledge refuse to see that man is one and the destiny is one. This is the greatest offense to the ego, for the ego clings to its ‘uniqueness’ which is only the loss of identity with the One. The individual who concentrates on these studies with an eye for the personal and an interest in the small details of life loses the opportunity- one of the most sublime given to mankind- to see himself as a part of the superb oneness: and to see that his destiny is the destiny of the evolution of his species and that evolution’s destiny is the essence of Creation, of the entire Manifestation, of the universe, of the Divine. 
Each human being is a particle, a child of the one Divine Mother, and the Gnostic Circle is the revelation of her being. Within it one cannot see the petty details of life, which are the fluctuations and ever-changing ripples on the sea. To identify ourselves with them, to see ourselves and to seek to find our inner truth through these events, to project ourselves into them and expect to discover the Way through the personal destiny, is an illusion. The personal view belongs in fact to the sign Cancer, the Cosmic Ignorance for the present, because this Ignorance too shall one day be transformed. Its nature is change and through its very nature it will become the higher part of itself, or it will find its complement in its opposite pole. 
 – Thea, The Gnostic Circle, p. 256-7

We are all in this together. 

Examine thyself without pity, then thou wilt be more charitable and pitiful to others.
– Sri Aurobindo, Aphorism 70

Click  HERE to link to the Mother's 21 January 1962 comments on Sri Aurobindo's 70th Aphorism which needs to be taken close to heart by all of us who wish for America and the World to move forward into better days.

The Mother's Thoughts on Evolutionary Goads and Adverse Forces

In January 2017 a colleague (Robert E. Wilkinson) reminded me that Donald Trump is what the Mother called a 'goad' in the course of our collective evolutionary journey. Below is the Mother's discussion of how to deal with goads and adverse forces in our world and in our consciousness, which seem particularly apropos at this challenging point of our collective learning curve. This post is meant to be read in conjunction with 'A View of the USA's Trump Crisis In Terms of the Gnostic Circle'.

21 January 1962 

Examine thyself without pity, then thou wilt be more charitable and pitiful to others. – Sri Aurobindo, Aphorism 70

Very good! (the Mother laughs) That's very good.
It's very good for everyone, isn't it?
Especially for those who think they're so superior.
But it really does correspond to something very deep.

This is exactly the experience I have been going through these past few days; since the day before yesterday it seems to have reached its peak, and this morning it developed into a comprehensive vision, an earth-encompassing vision.

It's almost like a reversal of attitude.

[P]eople have always taken themselves for victims hounded by adverse forces – the courageous fight back, the rest lament. But increasingly there has been a very concrete vision of the role the adverse forces play in the creation, of their almost absolute necessity as goads to make the creation progress and become its Origin again. And there was such a clear vision that one should accomplish one's own transformation – that's what we must pray for, what we must work out – rather than demand the conversion or abolition of the adverse forces. …

So long as a single human consciousness carries the possibility of feeling, acting, thinking or being in opposition to the great divine Becoming, it is impossible to blame anyone else for it; it is impossible to blame the adverse forces, which are kept in the creation as a means of making you see and feel how far you still have to go.

It was like a memory, an eternally present memory of that consciousness of supreme Love emanated by the Lord onto earth – INTO earth – to draw it back again to Him. And truly it was the descent of the very essence of the divine nature into the most total divine negation, and thus the abandonment of the divine condition to take on terrestrial darkness, so as to bring Earth back to the divine state. And unless That, that supreme Love, becomes all-powerfully conscious here on Earth, the return can never be definitive.

It came after the vision of the great divine Becoming. “Since this world is progressive,” I was wondering, “since it is increasingly becoming the Divine, won’t there always be this deeply painful sense of the nondivine, of the state that, compared with the one to come, is not divine? Won’t there always be what we call ‘adverse forces,’ in other words, things that don’t harmoniously follow the movement?” Then came the answer, the vision of That: “No, the moment of this very Possibility is drawing near, the moment for the manifestation of the essence of perfect Love, which can transform this unconsciousness, this ignorance and this ill will that goes with it into a luminous and joyous progression, wholly progressive, wholly comprehensive, thirsting for perfection.”

It was very concrete.

And it corresponds to a state where you are so perfectly identified with all that is, that you concretely become all that is antidivine – and so you can offer it up. It can be offered up and really transformed through this offering.

This sort of will in people for purity, for Good (which in ordinary mentality is expressed by a need to be virtuous) is actually the GREAT OBSTACLE to true self-giving. It’s the root of Falsehood, the very source of hypocrisy: the refusal to take up one’s share of the burden of difficulties. And that’s what Sri Aurobindo has touched on in [his] aphorism, directly and very simply.

Do not try to be virtuous.  See to what extent you are united, ONE with all that is antidivine. Take up your share of the burden; accept to be impure and false yourself, and in so doing you will be able to take up the Shadow and offer it. And insofar as you are able to take it and offer it, things will change.

Don’t try to be among the pure. Accept to be with those who are in darkness and, in total love, offer it all.

From the moment this was seen and DONE, the full power came back – the great creative Power.

Most likely the experience could take place only because the time had come for all this to be offered up.

The point is not to perpetuate those things, but to offer them up.

Because the time has come to manifest this Power, which is a power of Love – of LOVE, not merely of identity – of Love, of perfect Love; for perfect Love alone can offer.

It happened this morning, with great simplicity, but at the same time it had something so vast and almighty in it, as if the Universal Mother were turning towards the Lord and saying, “At last! We are ready.”….

In those realms, you know, “now” sometimes stretches over many years. I won’t say it’s going to be instantaneous…..

It’s like opening a door just a crack and catching a glimpse of what’s beyond….

And it was preceded by a kind of anguish: “Will there always be something that, compared with the state to come, seems antidivine?” No: after a long preparation, it becomes capable of feeling divine – and thus of being divine.

Looking at things externally, in terms of present material reality, there is still a lot of ground to be covered before the new manifestation becomes an actual fact. What we have now is probably the seed of the thing ….

–The Mother, The Mother's Agenda, Volume 3, bold emphasis added

A Note from the Publisher of The Mother's Agenda: (When [Satpem] published extracts from this conversation in the Ashram Bulletin of April 1962, [the] Mother had this passage modified (over his protests). Instead of “Do not try to be virtuous,” She put “Do not try to seem virtuous”; and she added: “There’s a drawback here. People never understand anything, or rather they understand everything in their own way. They would take this sentence as an encouragement to get into mischief, to misbehave, to entertain wrong feelings, and then proclaim, ‘We are the Lord’s favorites!’ … There was something like it in one of Sri Aurobindo’s letters, you remember – a letter to people who wanted to bring all the impurities in themselves out to the surface; he told them that was definitely not the way!)

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The Path of Integral Knowledge & the Twelve Months of the Year

The Gnostic Circle (image constructed by Lori Tompkins)
A rendition of PNB's Gnostic Circle, constructed by Lori Tompkins (©2017)

[Originally written and posted on the IYS website which I am in the process of migrating to this IYS blog]

In The Secret of the Veda, the founder of Integral Yoga, Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950), translated the symbolism of the Vedic Sacrifice in terms of a journey by which the knowledge or true perception of reality and a heavenly Earth [Swar] was recovered. Another name given for the journey was the ‘path of the Truth’. It was a path of constant growth and evolution towards a superior consciousness and expression of life.

‘[T]he possession of our complete divine consciousness delivered from all falsehood by the free descent of the truth, gives us the secure possession of the world of Swar and the enjoyment of mental and physical being lifted into the godhead above darkness, falsehood and death by the in-streaming of our divine elements. This victory is won in twelve periods of the upward journey, represented by the revolution of the twelve months of the sacrificial year, the periods corresponding to the successive dawns of a wider and wider truth, until the tenth [month] secures the victory.’ (1)

The more recent work of Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (1938-) suggests that this twelve-part journey, the ‘path of Truth’ by which the divine consciousness is made manifest and visible on Earth as written of by the Vedic Rishis and Sri Aurobindo (2), is literally the Tropical zodiac, i.e. the Earth’s year, precisely established and measured by the four equinoctial and solstice points of the Earth’s 360 degree journey around the Sun. Each of those four quadrants is divided again by three gunas or energy flows for a total of twelve equal segments or ‘months’ of 30 degrees each.

According to Ms. Norelli-Bachelet this direct correlation between the Vedic Sacrifice and the Tropical zodiac is a recovery of a lost truth. From her viewpoint, learning to orient properly within the parameters of this journey is a basic and essential starting point for those interested in full and integral knowledge of self and world, basic information for those interested in the truth regarding the Vedic journey of recovering the ‘Lost Sun’, basic information for those interested in developing a cosmic or universalized consciousness, and basic information for those interested in grasping the evolutionary, contemporary and historical movements of the Earth and its populations.

Scientific, academic, and religious thought over the past couple of millennia has for the most part deemed the study of the Tropical zodiac (astrology) a completely obsolete, ignorant superstition that has nothing to do with material (or non-material) reality. The world-renowned cosmologist Carl Sagan wrote ‘authoritatively’ on the matter in 1973:

‘Many thousands of years ago a pseudoscience called astrology was invented. The positions of the planets at the birth of a child were supposed to play a major role in determining his or her future. The planets, moving points of light, were thought, in some mysterious sense, to be gods. In his vanity, Man imagined the universe designed for his benefit and organized for his use.’ (3)

Sagan’s dismissal is tantamount to not knowing how something is (or has been) useful, and dismissing it as un-useful. Not knowing the real mechanics and functionality of an ancient and eternally relevant system, he and many others have dismissed it as unreal and insignificant in the pursuit of real knowledge (i.e. gnosis) and serious Earthly progress. But it is truly possible and likely that astrology is not a psuedo-science, but rather a misunderstood, mis-practiced and forgotten one.
In the Rig Veda, written at least 5,000 years ago according to some Vedic scholars, real knowledge of the 360 degree circle divided by twelve, was certainly not considered a psuedo-anything. It was known to communicate profound secrets of manifest reality. It was known to communicate a ‘mighty mode of being’:

One is the wheel; the bands are twelve;
three are the hubs – who can understand it?
Three hundred spokes and sixty in addition
have been hammered therein and firmly riveted…
Though manifested, it is yet hidden, secret,
its name is the Ancient, a mighty mode of being;
in Skambha is established this whole world;
therein is set fast all that moves and breathes.
                             – Atharva Veda X, 8

According to Sri Aurobindo’s archives, he himself had more than a passing knowledge of the zodiac. Evidence of this fact is offered via an archived letter he wrote to his wife, Mrinalini, on 2 July 1902:

'I have faith in astrology - ten years' experience confirmed. But also amongst a thousand, nine hundred know nothing about it. Few know but more make mistakes ...' (4)

It is also evident in The Secret of the Veda that his translation of a Vedic passage regarding the three steps of Vishnu the Preserver, refer to the symbols of the Preservation or Fixed signs of the zodiac, in the order of the backward movement of the Precession of the Equinoxes through the astrological signs. (5) Vishnu, whose vahana (vehicle) is an Eagle, a symbol for the astrological sign Scorpio, takes his first step to the ‘mighty Lion’, the symbol for the sign of Leo; his second step to the ‘wide-moving Bull’, the symbol for the sign of Taurus; and his last and ‘highest step’ is to the ‘Friend of men who is the fount of the sweetness’. Of course the Friend is the symbol creature for the sign of Aquarius.

Sri Aurobindo’s yogic collaborator, the Mother of Pondicherry, apparently had some connection to this secret of the zodiac, as she designed her own three-tiered symbol as a reflection of the year – the outer circle consists of twelve petals, the middle circle of four petals, and the inner circle is undivided. The measurement of the Earth’s year in 12 months also figured heavily in her designs for the Matrimandir (the Mother’s Temple), as does the measurement of the Earth’s day of 24 hours.

‘Everything is symbolic,’ the Mother told her disciple Satprem regarding her vision of the temple design. Since we decided to build that temple, I have seen – I have seen the inside ... It is a kind of tower with the twelve regular facets representing the twelve months of the year, and absolutely empty .... (6)

The Mother also determined that the diameter of the temple floor was to be 24 meters : ‘12 meters on each side of the globe.’ These measurements, and other design specifications as well, were to be symbolic of the Earth’s day, the Earth’s year, as well other cosmic harmonies – symbolic not in the mundane sense that we are use to but in the greater sense of direct expression of the higher laws of manifestation in Time and Space. (7)

Herein arises an enigma for humans to chew on (humans who care to give the Vedic Rishis, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother any due credit for being truth seers and harbingers of a Divine consciousness on Earth). An overwhelming majority of scientists, academics, historians, religious groups, integral yogis, and integral theorists have little to no insight into, respect for or knowledge of this ‘secret’ circle (its symbolic and real content) that is ‘manifested ... yet hidden’. This same majority (and many modern astrologers as well) fail to consider the glaring possibility that our modern understanding and use of the zodiac (‘the wheel of life’), and our own twelve-month calendar system, is a seriously atrophied and distorted version of a greater system of eternal knowledge about ‘all that moves and breaths’.

Just about the same time Carl Sagan dismissed astrology in ‘The Cosmic Connection’ and elsewhere, Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet began writing about the ‘secret’ knowledge contained in the zodiac, clarifying and reinstating the actual and integral purpose of astrological study:

'[T]he purpose of the study of astrology, is to give man a means by which he can learn to perceive integrally – that is, to gain a view of the total movement, but at the same time of the fragments which make up the whole.' (8) 

The actual purpose of studying astrology and the Earth’s year, according to Ms. Norelli-Bachelet, is equivalent to the purpose of the eternally relevant Vedic sacrifice or Vedic journey. This purpose is apparent in Sri Aurobindo’s translations of the following passages of the Rig Veda:

'It is in the revolution of the year that the recovery of the lost Sun and the lost cows [i.e. Truth-consciousness] is effected, for we have the explicit statement in X.62.2 ... ‘by the truth, in the revolution of the year, they broke Vala’ [the Ignorance].' (9) 
'Certain eternal worlds (states of existence) are these which have come into being, their doors are shut to you (or opened) by the months and the years; without effort one (world) moves into the other, and it is these that Brahmanaspati [teacher of the Gods] has made manifest to knowledge.' (10)

It is clear in these translations of the Vedic text and in the Mother’s temple vision that somehow the year and the twelve months of the year play no small part in gaining access to a higher and more complete (i.e. integral) perspective of reality. Yet somehow this piece of wisdom, this instruction, has become unfathomable to our rationale and hence is either largely ignored or labeled as ignorance by the world’s foremost authorities on material and spiritual existence. Perhaps it is to be expected that mainstream of scientific, academic and religious thought would disregard the possibility that the zodiac, when properly understood and used, describes and reveals an evolutionary and integral path to the highest vision and highest potential of material existence; but what is more puzzling is that those who have become the prominent spokespersons for the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, integral theory, integral studies, holistic or noetic sciences and education and evolutionary spirituality have basically turned a blind eye to the Earth’s year as measured by the equinoxes and solstices. 

It remains extremely difficult to get anyone on the ‘cutting edge’ of world and self transformation to consider the damage that has been and is being wrought by this particular blindness and to consider a restored vision of the very real dynamics of Earthly life. The damage done can be summed up as disharmony, disorientation and a suicidal dismissal of the true soul and seed which is common and glorious in all Being and all Becoming. The first infantile yet amazing ‘baby’ steps towards restoring a higher vision of our simultaneously material and spiritual journey, are simple, yet have proven to be seriously daunting to the modern intellect. A first step would be to consider that there has been a serious blockage in the way of our individual and collective ability to fathom a deep knowledge of time, of the Earth’s year, its months and its day (and larger cycles of time), and also more profound knowledge of our own number system in relation to consciousness and evolution. As a second step one might consider that such deep knowledge is absolutely necessary for spiritual and earthly transformation. A solid third step would be to seek out such real and deep knowledge of the World Play, being extremely weary of what is ‘old wine’ in a new and well-marketed bottle. But if one really wants to fathom the truly ‘vast Truth and infinite being of Aditi [the Divine Mother]’ (11), one must apply the new knowledge to one’s own journey in time and space. 

Our civilization has, for at least two millennia, been in a deep ignorance of the Earth’s own inherent spirit and consciousness, which is expressed in what else if not in her own movements and her own measure? It is because of this ignorance, disregard and even denial of ‘Mother’ Earth, that many of us who strive for a shift or transformation towards a higher gnosis and world organization, do not recognize that it is actually necessary to consider the Earth’s cyclical 360 degree journey, when attempting an integral and holistic perspective or ‘theory’ of our spiritual growth and our lives on planet Earth. Otherwise one is ignoring the actual dynamics of the body and the consciousness that one proposes to transform, and this, one might see, is a proverbial dead end. By this ignorance, the inherent integrity of the living system we inhabit continues to be lost to our minds.

When one becomes aware of what has been disregarded in the very masculine drive for transcendence beyond the ‘illusions’ of time and material existence, one begins to lament that Ken Wilber’s integral theorizing and ‘Kosmology’ can be considered to be the epitome of integral thought, the epitome of bridging spirit and science in a recent What Is Enlightenment magazine article entitled ‘The Real Evolutionary Debate’. (12) One also laments to see that the prestigious California Institute of Integral Studies can host a four-day ‘AUM Conference’ beginning on the summer solstice of 2007 entitled ‘Integral Yoga in Dialogue with the World’ with no indication of a workshop or discussion regarding Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet’s extensive insights into how the ‘path of Truth’ (much-illumined by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother in the course of their yoga), is made irreversibly manifest and clearly visible to those who care to see. (13)

Will there be a time when more people concerned with integral transformation and gnosis begin to seriously ponder how a world teaching or approach to reality can be considered ‘integral’ or ‘gnostic’ if it does not address the Earth’s actual dynamics? What is there to learn about the Earth’s 360 degree journey around the Sun? What is the significance of the Earth’s 360 degree rotation in one day of 24 hours, or the Earth’s 360 degree Precession of the Equinoxes in 25,920 years? And what is the significance of our own birth on any given day and month of the year? What more is there to consider about the 360 degrees of latitude and longitude of Earth’s geography? Why is our traditional clock a circle of 12 hours? How is it that the radius and diameter of the Earth and Moon in miles are multiples of 360? How does this 360 degree figure, which is oddly close to the 365 days it actually takes for the Earth to travel around the Sun, connect and harmonize these various measurements of time and space; and how does it function as both a map of the evolution of consciousness throughout the Earth’s ages and as a force of integration for human consciousness and material reality? How is it a secret of all that moves and breathes as indicated by the Vedic sages?

Even though both Sri Aurobindo and the Mother made reference to the importance of the Earth’s year, neither fully addressed the issue in the course of their own Integral Yoga. (14) The issue has been fully addressed by Ms. Norelli-Bachelet, yet those who control the curriculums and agendas of various ‘integral’ institutions and magazines, as evidenced in the curriculum of the CIIS 2007 AUM Conference, do not seem to be much interested in allowing space for such ‘esoteric’ matters. Somehow, the four decades of yoga and writing that Ms. Norelli-Bachelet has contributed toward the Integral and Supramental ‘adventure in consciousness’ are considered too far off the beaten path for the mainline Integral Yoga community. This community proceeds as if her yoga had absolutely nothing to do with their subject matter and world mission, as if her contributions were avoidable in the pursuit of Self Knowledge and World Gnosis.

One wonders if any of our modern integral and evolutionary spirituality ‘authorities’ would ever admit to unwittingly prolonging a dis-integrated view of material reality, unwittingly prolonging a linear consciousness, detached from the cyclical processes of the Earth; and unwittingly delaying a world-transforming understanding of ‘a manifested yet hidden eternal secret of all that moves and breaths.’ What is for sure however, is that if the ‘authorities’ do not make such admissions, it remains the task of individuals to consider and learn for themselves what truly deserves the name ‘Integral’ and what is not That.

Lori Tompkins
31 May 2007

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(12) What is Enlightenment magazine, Issue 35, January - March 2007.

(13) Craig Hamilton (ex-editor in chief of What is Enlightenment magazine), is scheduled to speak at the 2007 CIIS AUM Conference. He is presenting a workshop on "Living on the Edge of Evolution: Spirituality and Mysticism in an Evolving Universe" and is also a panel member of a discussion entitled: "Facing the Challenge of Fundamentalism and other Shadow Issues in the Ongoing Evolution of Integral Yoga". Perhaps he will use that opportunity to discuss his 2002 interview with Ms. Norelli-Bachelet at Aeon Centre for Cosmology in Southern India. Mr. Hamilton’s interview was never published by WIE and was never released to Ms. Norelli-Bachelet as a courtesy for making time for an all-day interview with Mr. Hamilton.

(14) In The Secret of the Veda, directly after Sri Aurobindo discusses the supreme victory of the Veda which is ‘won in the twelve periods of the upward journey, represented by the revolution of the twelve months of the year, he indicates that according to the Vedic rishis, that ‘the tenth [month] secures the victory’. He then admits, ‘What may be the precise significance of the nine rays [i.e. months] and the ten, is a more difficult question which we are not yet in a position to solve ...’ (p. 182). For clarification of the equivalence of the words ‘ray’ and ‘month’, one can see that Sri Aurobindo refers to the nine and ten months/rays of the twelve month year by which the ‘lost Sun’ is recovered, on page 177 of The Secret of the Veda. In The Mother’s Agenda, the Mother related an experience ... ‘an absolutely clear perception (not a thought, a clear perception) of ... the why and the how of the creation.’ Further along in her account of the experience she stated, ‘The figure 9 has something to do with all this .... There are so many things we don’t know!’ (19 November 1969). [Text in brackets and bold face added.]