'The Gospel of Judas' and the Supramental Cosmology

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'The Gospel of Judas'  from the Perspective of Integral Yoga & the Supramental Cosmology
by Lori Tompkins
7 April 2006

The New York Times has published headline stories on both April 6 & April 7, 2006 by Laurie Goodstein and John Noble Wilford about the surfacing of this gospel (which was actually found in the 1970's). The headline stories have been timed with the release of a television show, a magazine article, two books and an exhibition by National Geographic on the subject.

An excerpt from the article reads, 'At least one scholar, James M. Robinson, said the new manuscript did not contain anything likely to change traditional understanding of the Bible. Dr. Robinson, a retired professor of Coptic studies at Claremont Graduate University in California, was the general editor of the English edition of the Nag Hammadi collection. "Correctly understood, there's nothing undermining about the Gospel of Judas," he said.'

This web page will be dedicated towards presenting information that may make some of us howl in laughter at this assessment made by Dr. Robinson and the other scholars to whom he refers.

Sure 'Correctly understood, there is nothing undermining about the Gospel of Judas'; that is if you happen to NOT be a fundamentalist Judeo-Christian sort and if you happen to be TOTALLY open to the truth that Jesus was among other things an adept astrologer, and if you happen to believe that man is soon going to be superceded by a superior race of beings on planet Earth.

Yes, some will hold on to the hope that the surfacing of the 'Gospel of Judas', will in no way undermine business as usual on planet Earth. But nevertheless, one would have to be fairly dis-associated from reality to not see this as a triumph in the progressive undermining of the religious mind, the egoic mind and of all the organizations based on our very limited mental capacities. It is clearly a sound-byte of the Apocalypse (an uncovering of the Light). Apparently these scholars think that our current limited understanding of God and the Bible is not one of the structures marked for absolute destruction in the Apocalypse. We might do well to consider that our ongoing Apocalypse is rather bent on destroying everything about us that is organized according to the absolute ignorance of our 'own star' (or soul) as Jesus put it. That should be good news right? After all the word 'Gospel' does mean 'good news'.

Encouraging Judas to betray him, Jesus said: 'But you will exceed all of them. For you will sacrifice THE MAN that clothes me.'

People are thinking so very small when they interpret this to mean that Jesus wants to accomplish shedding his Earthly body and returning to the Light. In terms of the Evolutionary perspective, presented in its purest form by Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Patrizia Norelli-Bachlet, Jesus was talking about the MAN – as in US – as in THIS temporary phase of Humanity. Jesus (via the author of the text) basically tells us that he is playing a divine joke on humanity. He tells Judas fairly clearly that by enacting his crucifixion, he would intentionally plant the seed of the dissolution of Man (Mental Man), in order to make way for THAT Generation or the Supramental Race as spoken of by Sri Aurobindo, which Jesus knew was coming in a future aeon or age.

Well, one can see it worked. We have been self-destructing upon this seed, this crucified son or star or light, this void in our consciousness, throughout the entire last aeon or age – the Age of Pisces (the sign Pisces is known to indicate a process of destruction or dissolution). Jesus told his disciples that none of them and "no one" born of that aeon/age would see the superior generation. If one wants to see the UP side of Jesus's dire prognosis for that aeon, a prognosis of dissolution, suffering chaos and strife, one can consider that we are now in a NEW aeon or age, possibly capaple of seeing the superior generation of which Jesus spoke. One can consider that Sri Aurobindo, who started his Ashram in Pondicherry as a center for what he called the "Supramental Descent" in 1926, was planting a new seed into the evolutionary matrix, a seed of the superior generation. 1926 happens to correspond to the birth of an entirely new aeon or age - the Age of Aquarius (according to Patrizia Norelli-Bachlelet). The sign Aquarius is known to indicate a process of 'Preserving" or "Fixing" the Truth-Consciousness (associated with the god Vishnu in Vedic lore), and has as its symbol the Man or the Friend.

So we might come to see that Jesus was a conscious participant in what he knew to be the course of evolution. We might come to see that he knew well that the humanity of the entire Age of Pisces would be engaged in a process of self-destruction and that this would serve (i.e. would be a 'sacrifice' for) the future MAN (the Friendly, Universal-Brotherhood-of-Men kind of MAN) whom as a collectivity would Preserve the Truth-Consciousness in its being and in its organization for the aeons to come.

One thing I wish to express over the course of looking at 'The Gospel of Judas' is that there are ways of looking at these issues which take one deeper into the true heart of 'the Matter', ourselves and our world, uniting our vision and purpose, and there are ways of looking at these things that will keep us in reaction and strapped in the bind of surface tensions, and keep us divided in our vision and purpose. I will of course, 'with a little help from my Friends' attempt to cultivate the former view.

© 2006 Lori Tompkins

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