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Noah's Ark, the Zodiac, the 0/9 Number System & the Preservation of Knowledge

Noah's Ark, Edward Hicks, 1846
As a continuation of 'Cataclysms and the Preservation of Knowledge', I will present below some evidence that should give readers reason enough to consider that the story of Noah's Ark of is not about an actual boat of animals in the literal sense, but rather a symbolic reference to the animal-laden circle (vessel) of life, i.e. the 360° zodiac. This symbolic vessel, whose main-frame is the 0/9 number-system and the cardinal cross and 12 months of the Earth's year, can be seen as a system  or way of preserving eternal knowledge of the 360° field and structure of time and space ... a way of preserving the divine maya (measure) of the Individual, Earth, and Cosmos. This 'vessel' can endure in the face of cataclysms, because it can be eternally rediscovered by humans, based on the geometries and dynamics of the Earth, Solar System and Cosmos. It is a seed/symbol of the unified field the individual is born from and born into. The potential contained in this seed/symbol is that the individual and the collective will evolve, in due course of time, to embody the consciousness of a dynamic Unity ... of a dynamic Wholeness. It is a symbol key not only of material knowledge, but also knowledge of the soul, spirit and destiny of the Earth and its creatures in the course of time.

The first clue that Noah's Ark should be considered as a cosmological symbol rather than a physical boat comes from the fact that the biblical myth of Noah is a derivation of Vedic mythology in which Vishnu the Preserver becomes a fish (Matsya/Pisces) who keeps outgrowing his various Water Pots (Kumbha/Aquarius) until he becomes as big as the ocean, and warns Manu of an oncoming deluge/flood. Manu builds a huge boat bringing along his family, 9 seeds, and a host of animals to repopulate the Earth. When the flood comes Manu fastens his boat to Vishnu in the form of a horned fish (Goatfish – Makara/Capricorn) using Vishnu's snake/Shesha (Time) for a rope. In other Vedic mythology Vishnu is described safely floating upon the vast ocean of space on the coils of Shesha.  It is no huge leap to infer that symbols of the Manu myth are referring to the backward movement of the Precession of the Equinoxes, starting from 0° Aries, moving directly into the Age of Pisces, then to the Age of Aquarius, and onward to the Age of Capricorn.

I wrote above, 'it is no huge leap', yet few have made it because our current civilization is somewhat set in the erroneous belief that the origin of the zodiac is Babylonia. Evidence that the zodiac is found further back in history, in the Rig Veda,1 is somehow overlooked.

The next clues about Noah's Ark are etymological in nature. Etymology is the study of the origin and history of words. Tracing words back to their Sanskrit roots is often quite illuminating. For instance the word 'Noah' can be recognized as derivative from the Sanskrit roots/cognates nav, nau, nu and no, which actually connote a ship or vessel, as well as the numbers 9  and 0 ... as well as 'time'. These roots and their essence show up in English words: 'navy', 'navigate', 'navel', 'nave', 'no',  'none', 'noon', 'naught', 'nautical', 'anull',  'annual,' 'note', 'november' (the ninth month of the zodiac), 'new' (nu), 'nuclear', 'number', 'numen' and 'now'. Also, the Sanskrit word nodha – a close match with Noah and of the English word 'node' – literally means means 'in nine parts'. And to top it all off, the Sanskrit word naubandhana is said to be ‘the highest peak of the Himalayas to which in the great flood Manu fastened (binded/bandha) his ship’. Naubandhana could also be loosely translated as ‘bound by zero’ or ‘bound by nine’ which describes the foundation of Vedic knowledge and mathematics. Readers will remember that in the Manu myth described above, he fastened his ship to a horned-fish which I have suggested is one and the same as the Capricorn goatfish. In the terms of the zodiac, the 10th sign Capricorn is also associated with the mountain goat and the mountain itself. In the Vedic journey (i.e. the zodiac) this symbolic mountain top or peak is arrived at after full passage through the first 9 signs.When the zodiac is applied to the 24 hour day, 0° Capricorn is equivalent to high noon which, as mentioned above, is derivative of the Sanskrit words nau/nu.

Next we move to the etymology of the word 'Ark'. 'Ark' originates from the Sanskrit word arka which means ‘the sun; hence the number 12’ (i.e. the 12 months of the year). The 'arc',  'arch' and arc-seconds of the circle are all kin to this Sanskrit root, as are the words 'archeologist' and 'archetype'. Arka also means ‘hymn’, ‘song’, ‘singer’ as well as ‘belonging or relating to the sun’.3

Then there is the Sanskrit word Manu to consider. The root nu has already been discussed above as meaning 'ship',  'time' as well as the numbers 9 and 0. The root ma means 'measure' as well as 'mother'. So Manu could be translated as 'Mother Ship'. The Sanskrit work Anu, means 'fine, minute, atomic', 'an atom of matter' or 'an atom of time.' Anu in this light, can be seen as a microcosm of Manu (as is 'Man'). Ma is the Sanskrit root of English words: 'mom', 'mother', 'matter', 'math', 'matrix', 'matriarch', 'mark', 'material', 'manifest', 'many,' 'manual,' 'month', 'map,' 'mass', 'man', 'mantle', 'magi', and 'magic'; and Sanskrit words mas, masa, mahi, mata, maya, mana, mani, maha, mandala, and manipura.4 [see definitions in endnotes]

Hopefully, after pondering the information above (and in the endnotes), readers can consider that the parallel-mythologies of Noah's Ark and Manu – as well as the words themselves, – have been used by our predecessors to convey/communicate the formative circular and spherical measures and dynamics of our cosmos (Cosmic Mother) and our Earthly existence (Mother Earth). The more one digs into this matter, the more and more believable it becomes that the true subject of these myths is the 12-fold, 9-'node' geometry/structure of the 360 degree circle. 
Image inspired by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet's Gnostic Circle
This circle can be seen as a divinely-built vessel (nu/sipa) that survives the periodic floods and disasters that wipe out all man-made structures and civilizations. Readers who have built a 12-petaled 'flower of life' by arching the radius of a circle from each of the circle's (the zodiac's) cardinal points will be closer to understanding why this 'vessel' is eternal and why it can survive the ages.5 

Manu and the Precession of the Equinoxes

Modern-day Hindus consider the mythical Manu to be a kingly or divine person, a progenitor of man who repeatedly incarnates in cavernous 306,720,000 year cycles or portions of time (manvantara). What must be considered in an modern-day analysis of Vedic mythology, is that Vishnu and Manu are figures of the 25,950 year Precession of the Equinoxes and the Earth's Tropical Year (zodiac), as well as larger cycles of time which all necessarily utilize the Earth's year and the precessional cycle as base measures. Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet has discussed in length Vishnu's incarnation/manifestation in each quarter of the precession (6,480 years) during the four fixed-sign ages (Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio).6 The benefit of following this line of thought is that Manu's cycles and Vishnu's incarnations or manifestations can be seen as pointing to and as tracking actual cycles of the Earth, cycles that are discernable/measurable by human observation.

When the measure for the Hindu yugas (ages) and manvantaras are disconnected from this real mega or maha cycle of time, the golden thread is lost and there is NO WAY that future civilizations (after whatever manner of flood or cataclysm) can be expected to pick up, relate to and orient themselves within cycles of time that have no real meaning in terms of the Earth's and man's actually journey/experience in time. The only time-measures that have the real power and fortitude to survive throughout the ages (stand the test of time), and in this sense be 'eternal', are those that can be rediscovered, reconfigured or reconfirmed at any point in Earth's time frame by sentient beings who study the behavior of the Earth, stars and luminaries. These true measures help mankind align itself with (and within) the dynamics of Mahi (Mother Earth) and Mahakali (Time Spirit); and from that attainable alignment is born the true sense and experience of one's divine place and purpose within the whole.

The Rosicrucian 'Mysterium' and the Cosmic Person

More evidence of the connection between Noah's Ark and the zodiac is found in Lugdani Batavoaum's 1593 'Mysterium' engraving. 'Mysterium' is considered an artifact of the Rosicrucian rites and school of knowledge.
Note that the Ark is measured out in terms of the zodiac, and that the body of Man (Noah) is equated with the body of the Ark. In this sense Man is recognized as a microcosm of the macrocosm (Manu). This body of knowledge/gnosis ... this WAY of self-recognition has survived unknown numbers of aeons and unknown numbers cataclysms, yet still waits to be fully realized in the hearts and minds of men and women in our own day and age. 

The likelihood that the Vedic Manu and his mythology are symbols of the zodiacal body/body of knowledge is quite high. It is possible, with such information, to connect the dots of our collective story, to move beyond the imaginary 'sanctity' of (and need to defend) our own separate belief systems, stories and religions, and to set our sights on a truly integral and all-encompassing view of our Earth experience.

The Cosmic Person
Image from 'Caste, Calendar and Cosmos' (PNB, 2011).


For more information on the significance of the 10th month of the Earth's year – the Vedic year – see 'The Path of Integral Knowledge & the Twelve Months of the Year' (LT, 2007).
3 The connection between the arc of a circle and ‘hymn, song, singer’ is explained in ‘In Harmony’s Way’ (LT, 2010).
4 English definitions of the Sanskrit words: mas to measure; moon; masa one twelfth of the Hindu year; measure; moon; month; symbolic for the number 12; mahi – Earth, the great world; mata – mother; design; formed, made, composed; maya – measure, mother; mana – a standard measure; a dwelling; mani pearl, gem; globule, amulet; maha – sacrifice, great (sacrifice in the Rig Veda refers to the Earth's 12 month year); mandala – circular, round, globe, orb; the path or orbit of a heavenly body; sacrifice; manipura – navel, jewel; mystical circle on the navel.
5 The eternal structure of the 12 month Year is discussed in 'Why Is the Year Divided Into 12 Months?' (LT, 2010).


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Cataclysms and the Preservation of Knowledge

Photo from: Japan Society Tohoku Earthquake Relief Fund

The news and videos of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami have been a frightening reminder of the relative ease with which man and man-made structures can be instantly dismantled by the Earth’s periodic shifts and/or swept away by her waters. The event was labeled by some, to be a disaster of biblical or epic proportions and it reminded me of why so much of our human history is unknown to us. Cataclysms happen. There is always the real possibility of external interference such as a meteor hitting the Earth, but mostly, the Earth is alive and has her own cycles, ice ages, tectonic movement, volcanic activity and weather that can drastically alter her landscape, waterscape and environment in ways that lay waste to certain percentages of life. 

The story of human existence stretches through out millions of years and we have access to barely any of it. Combine erosion with changes in landscape, changes in environment, changes in consciousness and changes in language, and what is ONE continuous story of life and evolution, becomes a puzzle that our limited minds and resources can never really fully put back together. The mythologies and structures that have survived into our own day and age are naturally objects of enthusiastic study, great intrigue, religious contemplation and imaginative speculation. But it is necessary and useful to admit that our studies, intrigues, contemplations and speculations have been conducted from an egoic, fragmented and limited mentality. They have not been conducted from the seat of the soul, and hence from an appreciation of our common Mother (Earth), our common Father (Time), our common divinity, our common origin, our common and ongoing story/evolutionary journey. 

Our recorded history is largely a story of men dominating men, women and the Earth, whether for ‘God’, security, wealth or self-gratification. Conquerors, crusaders, invaders and colonizers were  primarily interested in their OWN power and success, not the power of that which came before them, not the power of the Earth … not even the true power whatever divinity they prayed to. ‘God’ was filtered through man’s mental and vital ego and became a justification for all manner of atrocities. Such behavior and world-view is the shaky foundation of our modern civilization. Prophecies of the destruction of our civilization are simply acknowledgments of the true power and pressures of the Earth, the Divine and our own evolving consciousness. St. John’s Revelation or ‘Apocalypse’, for instance, can be seen as story of what happens when a higher consciousness a unifying consciousness-force establishes itself in a new age. [See The Hidden Manna by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet]. The pressures to bring the unity-consciousness/satchidananda (truth, consciousness, bliss) of the human soul forward to illuminate the human experience are great, as are the pressures to expose and destroy that which is obstructing the evolution of the individual and collective being.   

Due to the destructive forces of conquerors, crusaders and the like, and to the destructive forces of Mother Nature and erosion in time, the task of PRESERVING knowledge throughout the ages is indeed an epic task. In Vedic epic-lore Vishnu the Preserver, incarnates in certain ages to re-establish the golden thread of Eternal Truth (Sanatana Dharma) and to further the evolution and manifestation of the Divine on Earth. In both Vedic and Judeo-Christian epic-lore, Manu and Noah are said to have built life-preserving arks that survived a cataclysmic flood. 

After studying the unified vision of evolution as presented by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, which includes the revelation that that Vishnu (the Preserver) and the Vishnu mythology itself, as well as the monument and mythology of the Sphinx, have preserved knowledge of the fixed (preservation) signs of the zodiac throughout ages and precessional cycles, I began to understand more and more clearly that the 360° zodiac is THE KEY to understanding our WHOLE Earthly voyage/journey … not just the small stretch of it that we walk in our current individual life, but the WHOLE of it. 

Loosing IT we loose our connection to, perspective of and appreciation for the trials and tribulations of our One Self as we have navigated and traveled the vast ocean of cyclical time to arrive here at the present stage of our evolutionary journey. Finding IT, we begin to understand historical and modern-day artifacts, iconography and symbol-myths within the greater context of the evolutionary journey, and its stages and cycles. For instance, the Christian ‘fish’ symbol is clearly linked with the Age of Pisces (234 BCE – 1926 CE). The Lion-Man Sphinx of Giza was most likely built in the last Age of Leo (11,034 8874 BC). And the prevalence of Bull iconography in Minoa and Persian Mithraism indicate some meaningful connection with the Age of Taurus (4554 2394 BCE). Historians and archeologists who try to understand previous civilizations and their artifacts and iconography without knowledge of the 360° zodiac, the Precession of the Equinoxes, and the astrological ages are not putting the pieces together correctly. They may have accurate maps of the world’s geography, but they are ignorant of the map of time that has been used by throughout the aeons as a way to orient mankind in the vast ocean of cyclical time and as a way to pass the torch of knowledge (however compressed or expanded) to future civilizations.  

Considering the importance of the 360° body of knowledge and how it lives on (reckognized or not) in our modern-day systems of navigation, calculation, measurement and time-reckoning I began last Spring to suspect that the mythology of Noah’s Ark/Manu’s Ark was not actually speaking of a ocean-going ship or vessel as we normally think of it, but as a ship or vessel (or holy grail) of eternal gnosis that survives through all manner of cataclysm, floods, erosion etc., a ‘vessel’ that is built to survive time and help mankind re-establish, re-orient itself in the world and grow towards higher and higher  realizations of the Divine Truth of Self, World, Cosmos. The ‘ark’ or vessel, in this sense would be a seed of eternal knowledge that is SELF-BORN (svayambhu) In other words, this ark is not a creation of the human mind, but of the divine mind or Supermind that is the architect and driving-force of the whole manifestation. It is self-existent in material creation. It is in this sense that the original Manu of the Veda is called Manu Svayambhu.
The ONLY self-born, self-arising vessel of gnosis that fits the bill is the Earth’s four-fold and 12 month 360° year. Its frame, measure, geometry and structure exists whether or not earthly beings are conscious enough to recognize it. The zodiac IS the symbol of the living structure that is our Mother… the symbol of the living structure THAT WE ARE. As long as we do not fathom our own growth, evolution and consciousness according to our Earth Mother’s very real terms, according to HER eternal truth (dharma), we are like a seed or seedling that does not see the loomingly tree/plant it fell from as its own mother and its own future self. But like a seed, we are programmed to break through our own shell and become that which we already are, in the course of time. Our individual and collective soul grows towards full maturity and full self-enjoyment, via the pulses, rhythms, seasons and cycles of the Earth, Sun, Moon and larger cosmos. And so as we become more conscious, we see these pulses, rhythms, seasons and cycles as part of our own dynamic body. Instead of ‘becoming death’ … we become aligned with, identified with, one with the eternal consciousness-force that shifts and morphs itself according to what is being created, preserved and destroyed in any given moment, day, year, age, etc.

Twelve spokes, one wheel, navels three.
Who can comprehend this?
On it are placed together
Three hundred and sixty like pegs.
They shake not in the least.
(Rig Veda 1.154.48)

One is the wheel; the bands are twelve;
three are the hubs – who can understand it?
Three hundred spokes and sixty in addition
have been hammered therein and firmly riveted….
(Atharva Veda X, 8)

In my next post I will discuss the etymological evidence which supports my theory that Manu and Noah’s Ark is 'code' for (or symbolic of) the 360° zodiac, which is inseparable from the circular 9/0 number system.


Recommended reading for those who wish to more deeply understand and apply this lineage of knowledge: The Gnostic Circle, The New Way, The Magical Carousel (PNB), The Secret of the Veda (Sri Aurobindo); Puranic Cosmology Updated 

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Japan's 9.0 Earthquake, the Super Moon, the March Equinox and the Number 9

This post is a continuation of explorations of the 'Astrology of the Japan 9.0 Earthquake and Nuclear Disaster':

Some numerologically-astute readers may have noticed that the numbers of 11 March 2011, boil down to 2.3.4  via Theosophical Addition, and further condense to the number-power 9. I have recently posted three articles about the significance of the numbers 234  in relation to the Yugas/Ages, and the attempts of Mahayogi Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet to help re-orient (correctly orient) mankind in Time and Space [See '234 and 432' and related articles]. Here is an excerpt from The Gnostic Circle.
 '... the numbers 4, 3, and 2 [are] the very digits of the kali [yuga] measurement: 432,000. They are, as well, the most important numbers in the structure of symbols: 2 equals the Line, 3 equals the Triangle, and 4 equals the Square . . . . [These] numbers, 4-3-2, are the basic numbers of the Zodiac, as well as the measure of Time, and the zodiac is in effect the Great Timepiece; 4 + 3 + 2 equal 9, the number that absorbs all others.' - The Gnostic Circle (PNB, 1975)
The 'Super Moon' of 20 March 2011 (in Japan) falls 9 days after the quake and repeats the 2.3.4 numerical pattern of the day of the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami. The March Equinox also falls on 20 March 2011 (2.3.4) for certain portions of the Earth (including North and South America).

In her many writings on Supramental Cosmology Ms. Norelli-Bachelet has thoroughly discussed the importance of the 9 and the 0 in terms of understanding the simultaneity of  matter and energy/spirit and the micro and macrocosm  as well as in term of understanding human gestation and evolution. The nuclear aspect of Japan's earthquake-tsunami ordeal is also a curious in terms of Supramental Cosmology, in that 9/0 Point of the Circle contains both the Sun (the 0 Point of our Solar System) and Pluto (the 9th planet of  our Solar System). 
Image from Symbols and the Question of Unity (© PNB, 1974)
The 0 Point represents the infinite 'plutonic'/explosive energy found in the atom/nucleus/seed/Sun/soul, and the 9 Point represents the full extent of manifest Cosmos that is held together and organized by the nucleus or central sun/soul/energy/spirit. [The root of the word nucleus, actually comes from the Sanskrit cognates nav/nau indicating the numbers 9 (Nov) and 0 (Nought, No), as well as 'time' and 'ship'. I will discuss this point more in a subsequent post.] Ms. Norelli-Bachelet has also established 234 BCE as the beginning point (0 Point) for the 25,920 year, 12-age Precession of the Equinoxes, and accurately describes how the Supramental or Divine consciousness-force can be recognized in unfolding of cycles of Time (vast and small), and how from a centered perspective, all events and circumstances, positive or negative can be seen as serving the purposes of the collective evolution (serving the purposes of the ONE being/becoming). The navigational tools and keys she presents as being crucial for individual and collective/global realignment are firmly based on the Vedic 9/0 number-system and the 12 month Vedic Year (i.e. Tropical Zodiac). In reality the two are inseparable as shown in the Gnostic Circle. Just as the circle is the expansion of the point, the 360° circle/zodiac is an 'expansion', or a more a more detailed expression of the circle/cycle of 9/0. 

The importance of the 9/0 structure of the circle is seen not only in the mathematics/geometries of the circle (9 x 40° = 360°), but in the number 360 itself: 3 + 6 = 9, followed by the 0. The 9 and the 0 also show up in the circle, in the four-fold structure of the zodiac which is 'eternally' based on the four cardinal points of the Earth's Equinoxes and Solstices. The arc of each quadrant/season of the 360° year is 90°, and hence each cardinal point is a multiple of  90° and 'contains' both the 9 and 0 (0°/360° = Aries, 90° = Cancer, 180° = Libra, 270° = Capricorn). Most notably 0° and 360° are the same point on the circle, just as the 0 and the 9 hold the same position in the circle of 9 ... the beginning is the end, the Alpha is the Omega, and the Ouroboros/Snake bites its own tail as spoken of in countless religions and ancient wisdom traditions.
The day before the 11 March 2011 quake and tsunami hit Japan I began to write 'Updating Assumptions and Widening Consciousness of Time', suggesting that whereas some knowledge of the spherical and cyclical shape and dynamics of the Earth  and Solar System was regained in the Renaissance, helping the world out of the 'Dark' and 'Middle' Ages, our knowledge and practical understanding of the 360 degree body/structure of time is still in drastic need of a serious and thorough 'Renaissance'. The zodiac, and no other measure of the year, needs be re-cognized and restored as the original vehicle or 'Mother Ship' of 360°-based gnosis'.

As I see it, the majority (if not all) of our  modern-day religions and wisdom traditions are the bi-products of a multi-aeon game of 'Telephone' wherein a veritable body of unifying knowledge/gnosis (i.e. the zodiac) was passed from person to person, civilization to civilization, over great spans of time and space. The knowledge content got further and further distorted and altered, and now the connection of what people are relating to or sharing with each other about this ancient knowledge in their personal and professional circles is a far, far cry (laughable even) from what was originally said/intended. In our case, the evidence lies in the fact that even though the 360° circle and the 9/0 number system is the basis of our geometry, our mathematics, our navigation and measure of the Earth and celestial surround; and even though we measure our year and our day based on the 12 division of the 360° circle, and even though the zodiac shows up in one way or another in countless mythologies and sacred texts throughout all of recorded history (especially in St. John's Revelation of the Apocalypse); and still few have any inkling whatsoever that the 360° zodiac is actually the Mother/Source of our modern day systems of math, geometry and measurement which we utilize to explore and understand our existence in time and space. 

In concert with all of the old structures and belief systems that are rapidly DISSOLVING and make way for the revolutionary birth of the NEW (as discussed in the previous article), it is high-time  to dissolve the 'spell' or veil of ignorance that keeps the majority of humans blind to the zodiac as a source and golden thread of knowledge that stretches back through multiple precessional cycles and aeons. Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet has found this golden thread in the Hindu lore of Vishnu the Preserver, who travels across the cosmos and through the ocean of time, incarnating in the fixed or preservation ages of the Precession of the Equinoxes – Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio – in a line of Avatars (Dasavataras) [see Secrets of the Earth by PNB and my 15 August 2009 post on Vishnu]. But due to their own veils of ignorance, the majority of Hindus and Indians throughout the world are not even aware that the figures of the zodiac are found in the Rig Veda, let alone that the Hindu yugas/ages have anything to do with the Precession of the Equinoxes and the 12 astrological ages. This needs to change if the world is going to be drawn into a true understanding of what a consciousness of Unity truly entails. Because a consciousness of Unity must include consciousness of our unified journey in time and space.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Updating Assumptions and Widening Consciousness of Time

[This was originally written on 10 March 2011, the day before the Japan earthquake and tsunami. When all that hit the fan, I forgot to post this commentary.]

I recently had the pleasure of watching Tom Shadyac’s documentary ‘I AM’ in San Rafael, California. One of the points the movie gets across is that throughout history our misconceptions about the world and cosmos we live in, however well-established, do get overturned and upgraded from time to time. Humans are capable of widening our consciousness and our perspective to include a more integral and increasingly accurate picture of the Whole. One example given in the movie is the shift from thinking the world was flat to acknowledging its sphericality; another is the shift from thinking the Sun revolves around the Earth to understanding that it is actually the Earth that revolves around the Sun.

Both of these important shifts in human perspective/awareness involved knowledge of the 360° shape and movement of the Earth and the Solar System. Regardless of how pervasive such knowledge may have been in ancient civilizations, such as the Vedic, it was effectively washed away, as if in a flood (or whatever series of catastrophic disasters or Earthly challenges) resulting in profound human ignorance and discord which reached a certain peak in the Dark Ages. The knowledge of the shape and dynamics of the Earth began to make something of a comeback throughout the Renaissance, via scientific thought, but neither science nor religion considered the 360° zodiac to be an archetypal and essential vehicle, vessel or container of THAT crucial knowledge. As such the zodiac, the original vehicle or 'Mother Ship' of 360°-based gnosis, was cast aside vigorously in Western Civilization. India and other Eastern countries may have held on to the ‘idea’ of the 12 month zodiac, but as Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet has pointed out in her work, they lost the connection between the zodiac and the Earth’s year as measured out by the Equinoxes and Solstices. Hence there are hundreds of different calendar years throughout the East … none of which correspond to the Earth’s Equinoxes and Solstices.

After watching ‘I AM’, I thought that despite all the significant advances we have made in understanding our relations and interconnections and even our 'quantum entanglement' with our environment and everything in it, people still think and act as if time is linear. 
Even though we are quite clear that a year in time is marked out by the Earth’s 360° journey around the Sun, few experience or investigate the flow of their lives as a soul-full continuity that plays itself out in measurable arcs and cycles of time, in harmony with the Earth's months and years  as well as with the orbits of other planets and luminaries of our solar system. 
The geometries and symmetries and interrelations that constantly manifest in this 'field' or 'course' of time are not readily apparent to the human eye/mind, just as the 360° shape of the Earth is not readily apparent, nor is the Earth's orbit around the Sun. These are things we typically learn from those before us who have discovered something or remembered something real about our Self and our World. Considering that significant new revelations about the body of time, Vedic gnosis and the course of evolution have been introduced by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet over the past four decades, I do wonder how much longer it will take before more people take it upon themselves to update their assumptions and widen their perspective, awareness and consciousness of these matters. As is, our current prevailing understanding of our  movement in and our place in Time is as backwards as thinking the world is flat, or thinking the Sun revolves around the Earth ... it is that off, that distorted, and that ignorant and that due for correction.

Upon examination, students can discover that the Tropical Zodiac was for the Vedic Sages, an eternal vessel or container of knowledge (sanatana dharma) about the 360° stucture of our Earth, our Solar System  and our journey in time and space. This vessel, ship or bowl stands eternally (as long as the Earth exists) on the cross bows of the Earth’s Equinoxes and Solstices. It is a divine Ark, such as the Ark of Noah or Ark of Manu, that has survived all manner of Earthly catastrophes over however many precessional cycles and ages, assisting humans in the process of orienting ourselves in vast oceans of time. Our modern civilization has barely begun to scratch the surface of what this vessel of knowledge is meant to be used for.

I will soon post more about the mythologies of Noah's and Manu's Ark in relation to the zodiac. Probably after I post more on Japan's ongoing ordeal.

234 and 432 - the Basic Numbers of the Zodiac, Radius of the Sun, Precession of the Equinoxes, the Yugas, the Sphinx, etc.

[I originally posted the following as an addendum to The Yugas and the Precession of the Equinoxes, but figured these excerpts/this topic deserved its own page, for easier reference. I have added an excerpt about the 432,000 radius of the Sun.]

From PNB's The Gnostic Circle (1975):  'Since the Kaliyuga is only the measurement, we begin the count of the Yugas with Dwapara, two times Kali, 864,000; after this we pass into Treta, three measures of Time; then Satya, four measures. There are then the numbers 4, 3, and 2, which are the very digits of the kali measurement: 432,000. They are, as well, the most important numbers in the structure of symbols: 2 equals the Line, 3 equals the Triangle, and 4 equals the Square. With these it is possible to construct the zodiac because 2, or the Line, is the division of feminine and masculine signs, 3, the Triangle, represents the energy flows of Creation, Preservation and Destruction (Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable), and 4, or the Square, is the division of the elements, Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Therliefore these numbers, 4-3-2, are the basic numbers of the Zodiac, as well as the measure of Time, and the zodiac is in effect the Great Timepiece; 4 + 3 + 2 equal 9, the number that absorbs all others.

'This discovery brings to mind the Sphinx of Thebes, the Maiden with the body of a Lion, and the riddle she gave Oedipus to solve, based on these very numbers, 4, 3, 2. The symbol of the Sphinx has long contained for man the key to the mystery of his evolution on Earth.' -- TGC, p. 63 [bold and red emphasis added]

'... Kaliyuga is only the measurement of Time. For this reason, therefore, the count [of the yugas] does not actually begin with Kaliyuga, 432,000 seconds of degrees of longitude--equivalent to four signs of the zodiac; Kaliyuga is simply the measure of Time since it is also the radius of the Sun. The Sun's radius is the key of Truth in that it unites the outer circle of the disk (the Multiple) with the inner central core (the One). We could call this: 'The Measure of Unity.' It is precisely the Sun's symbol, the point within the circle, that contains the Knowledge, as has been explained elsewhere in the text, and this corresponds as well to the orb's physical characteristics, thus showing the harmony between space and time and the evolutionary cycles of man on Earth which are determinded by the unfolding and perfectioning of concsiousness./ The Rig-veda also appears to contain the same key to measurement of Time based on the Sun of Truth because it is said to have 432,000 syllables.' -- TGC p. 62

From 'Simultaneity, Destiny and The Magical Carousel’ (2007) [LINK to full article]: 'Because of the development the Earth herself has experienced, spread over hundreds of thousands of years, the moment has arrived of what I have all along described as the Great Birth. We are in the 9th Manifestation in a cycle of 311,040 years, each Manifestation of which (6480 years) is equivalent to one month of human gestation repeated four times to cover all four planes of being (4 x 77,760). At this very special crossroads of destiny the Child nurtured for this sacred happening emerges from its protective sac as an independent entity. It too takes its first breath.

'Cosmically this describes the convergence mechanism of the Precessional Zero Point and the constellational in 234 BCE. That event, the great Cosmic Dawn, is akin to the suspension between inhalation and exhalation.'  [Bold emphasis added. 234 BCE is here established as the beginning of the 25,920 year Precession of the Equinoxes, and consequently of the Age of Pisces, due to the backward movement of the Precession.]

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Astrology of the 9.0 Japan Earthquake & Nuclear Disaster

Pluto glyph
Using the Kepler 7.0 astrology program, I drew up a horary chart for the 9.0 earthquake in Japan, substituting the Kepler Pluto glyph for the one used by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet in The Gnostic Circle.   I would love to hear from astrologers what they read from the chart and/or how certain aspects sit in relation to other significant Earthly events. On March 12th Uranus did move into the first sign of the zodiac, Aries. Last time Uranus entered Aries was in 1927, one year into the Age of Aquarius (1926-4086 CE).

At the time of the Japan 9.0 quake the Sun had just moved into the last decanate (last 10 degrees) of Pisces, which is the last 10 degrees of the entire 360° zodiac. The dynamics of the zodiac (and of time) can be understood in terms of cyclical waves. Each of the 4 seasons, marked off by the Equinoxes and Solstices is a 'wave' or cyclical progression of creation, preservation and dissolution. This endless or eternal triadic progression is best visualized and understood in terms of the circle and triangle

Each season (as shown to the right) starts with a 'cardinal' or 'creative' (rajas) month/sign: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn; followed by a 'fixed' or 'preservation' (sattva) month/sign: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius; followed by a 'mutable' or 'dissolution' (tamas) month/sign: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces.

This wave or cycle of gunas, 'self-replicates' in bigger and in smaller cycles of time (see 'Fractiles and the Divine Matrix'), so that within each 30° sign, you find all three gunas/energy flows of each element. For instance, the first 10 degrees of the water sign Pisces is understood as the Pisces decanate of Pisces, the second 10 degrees as the Cancer decanate of Pisces, and the last 10 degrees as the Scorpio decanate of Pisces.

Here is what Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet writes about passage though Pisces, as well as some detail about the other two water signs, in The Gnostic Circle :
'Passage through Pisces in the Gnostic Circle [see image] is always an end for a new beginning. There are two signs in the zodiac which are concerned with death. One is Scorpio and the other is Pisces (actually three if Cancer is included). But each presents a different aspect. When there is 'death' in Scorpio it is a first stage which opens the way to the possibility of work on a higher level. Let us say, in Scorpio the process is not complete. It is only the first phase. In Pisces there is a thorough renewal based on life and the truth of what has remained after Scorpio. In Scorpio that which is old and of no more use dies, the useless appendages, but in Pisces it is the new birth from the already regenerated form. Pisces is the further complement of Scorpio, as Scorpio is the further complement of Cancer. The new beginning of Pisces sets the pace for the work of the subsequent [cycle].'
If one looks closely at the Gnostic Circle [image link given above], at the individual degrees of the 360° circle, 20° Pisces falls on a Scorpio-flavored degree, further emphasizing the Scorpionic nature of Japan's earthquake and ensuing nuclear disaster. The dissolving watery energy of Pisces is evident in Japan's ordeal, but the  nuclear toxicity, involving atomic/plutonic energy sources (Mars) are clearly a scorpionic phenomenon, highlighting the toxic and wasteful ways in which we power ourselves, our vehicles and our machines.

Interestingly enough in terms of the Geo-Cosmology as discussed in The New Way - a Study in the Rise & Establishment of a Gnostic Society, Vol. 1&2 (i.e. overlaying the zodiac of the globe) the 9.0 Japan earthquake fell in the sign of Scorpio, 7° Scorpio in terms of longitude and 8 degrees Aquarius in terms of latitude.

Mostly I see this almost unimaginable earthquake and tsunami as another strong reminder that we are not in Kansas (i.e. the Age of Pisces) any more, and that our technologically-enabled 24 hour access to events across the globe is giving us an amazing view of the collapse of the structures  and formative ideas that were built up during the Age of Pisces  (234 BCE - 1926 CE) based on a deep ignorance/unconsciousness of our selves, our world, our cosmos, and our divinity. In The Magical Carousel, Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet describes the zodiac as an evolutionary journey, revealing the energy and flavor of each of the 12 signs within the Whole movement. Here is a bit of her presentation on the last two signs of the zodiac, Aquarius and Pisces, that can be recognized as relevant in terms of the Japan earthquake as well as other global emergencies/revolution/changes that we see with greater and greater intensity and frequency all around us:
'[Aquarius] is of Fixed energy quality, thus the combination of fixed energy and the Uranian revolutionary force evokes the symbol of the tornado ... this Power, this revolutionary force that descends upon creation from regions above is the new element announced by Uranus to transform humanity and prepare the way for that which is waiting to materialize. Though the Power destroys in its journey all that is rigid, dated, unsupple, refusing to succumb to the new creation which must take form in evolution at this time, the children have the protection of the Universal Mother and they move right into the midst of this Power, are carried on its breath and even embody its force so that they may contribute to the cosmic change. [bold emphasis added due to the entrance of Uranus into the 0 degree of Aries, i.e. the 0 degree of the entire zodiac on 12 March]

'This is the mighty beginning of the Age. The children are carried into the spheres where the new creation exists in essence, where subtle bodies of light are ceaselessly working to bring about the new and greater conditions for mankind....'
'Here in Pisces, a sign of Mutable energy, [the children] abandon themselves into the flow itself, and are found to be spinning right within the movement of the whirlpool ... Now all resistances have fallen away. All that was seen, understood, accumulated in the way of experience, no matter how sublime, dissolves in the waters of divine love -- the ocean permeating and sustaining the whole of creation. ... In this act of abandon, of complete and total absorption in Love, the final surrender is accomplished and thus all that had fallen they regain in an even greater expansion, as they join the whole Carousel which carries them on to a new birth. But from the true and sacred waters of Pisces, from a spiritual journey such as the one that has taken place, the only birth which can ensue is that of the child divine.' [bold emphasis added]
For readers who want to understand the evolutionary and the Supramental forces at play in our world, and to consciously participate in the process, The Magical Carousel, The Gnostic Circle and The New Way are unparalleled in their knowledge content about these matters. Some excerpts (including the one above) from The Magical Carousel are online at The Zodiac & the Perception of Unity - an Introduction to the 12 Signs of the Zodiac.