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The Astrological Flip Side: Shifting Zodiac Questioned in India

[Update: A Mini version of this story was published
on The Chakra news site, 31 January 2011]

In January of 2011 Minnesota astronomer Parke Kunkle made news when he told the Minnesota Star Tribune that the Earth’s ‘wobble’ (i.e. the 25,950 year Precession of the Equinoxes) has shifted the sun signs of the zodiac. An even though the same idea has of course been the basis of what is called ‘Vedic’ astrology for quite some time, this story got picked up by major news sources around the globe, including CNN, ABC, CSB, FOX News, Huffington Post, and The New York Times.

Ironically, in India the exact reverse 'news' was recently presented at the prestigious First National Conference on Panchanga Ganitam (Calendar Reform), held December 24 - 26 2010 at the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple in Andhra Pradesh.

Whereas the majority present at the conference upheld the current practice in India of measuring the zodiac year using the shifting constellations (i.e. sidereal astrology), evidence was presented by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet indicating that the true measure of the 12 months of the zodiac year, as described by the Vedic Rishis, is the Tropical Zodiac; and that consequently, one's astrological sign has nothing to do with the constellations. Hence, only two weeks before the big announcement in America stating that astrological signs should be determined, as in India, according to the constellations, an American woman was lecturing to the Indians about the devastating flaw in their own constellational system of measuring the zodiac. This declaration in India, in support of the Tropical Zodiac used by ‘Western’ astrologers, should be of interest to Indians as well as to those who were set aflutter by the recent astrological news.

Ms. Norelli-Bachelet, the aunt of Chile's ex-President Michelle Bachelet (who is now head of UN WOMEN), writes that approximately 1,000 years ago, Indians began to veer from the Tropical Zodiac, and that this is a clear departure from Vedic wisdom. From this point of view it is actually the Western astrologers who have kept the Vedic measure of the year alive. India's squalor and lack of organization can be pointed to as evidence that India's current sacred practices do not hold much weight in terms of their ability to unify and harmonize the whole. One must wonder, if the entire system of Vedic knowledge – including Vedic astrology – were truly alive and well in India, wouldn't the Indian nation be a luminous center of world-knowledge rather than a precarious, disorganized and filthy mess.

With out this side of the story, the news that has widely circulated in America and beyond, about the signs of the zodiac, is simply lopsided. The entire astrological foundation of India, wherein the constellations have been the basis of their zodiac for centuries, is currently being challenged. Many shrug this challenge off, but 60 Temples in southern India have actually begun to celebrate passage through the 12 signs of the Tropical Zodiac, because there is evidence in the Rig Veda that the Vedic Rishis anchored the measure of the sacred year (which we now call the zodiac) to the four pillars of the Earth’s Solstices and Equinoxes.

The assertion and evidence that what people currently think of as 'Vedic' astrology is actually a distortion of the Vedic tradition, deserves equal visibility as the Parke Kunkle story. It is likely that the many people who are interested in, and perhaps disturbed by, the recent news 'virus' that dismisses the Tropical Zodiac as the measure of the 12 Sun Signs, will also be interested in knowing that there are those who are challenging the well-established roots of that same dismissal in India.

It is a fact that the constellations do shift due to the Earth's wobble (i.e. the Precession of the Equinoxes). But it is NOT A FACT by any stretch of the word that the 12 months and four quadrants/seasons of the zodiacal year are suppose to be measured out by uneven constellations which constantly move from the perspective of the Earth. Since the constellations are not consistently 30 degrees each, there are no actual sidereal (constellational) months to speak of.

And furthermore, imagine if we tried to measure and constantly re-calibrate the latitude and longitude of our own globe (and hence the celestial sphere) on the basis of the position of the constantly ‘moving’ circle of constellations. I think most can appreciate what a colossal mess that would be! Well trying to measure and organize a society in terms of a constantly shifting constellational or sidereal calendar is equally convoluted and equally impractical; but as of yet, it is not commonly understood in our modern times that the measure of the Year has real significance and real applications in terms of our collective organization and collective consciousness. Of course we share ONE GLOBE, but most do not appreciate that we also share ONE JOURNEY in time, a journey that has been measured out and celebrated, as far back as we know, by the 360 degrees and 12 months of the Tropical Zodiac.

Additional Notes: Ms. Norelli-Bachelet has lived in India for 40 years, working towards the 'Restoration of Vedic Knowledge'. She runs the Aeon Centre of Cosmology in the Palani Hills of Tamil Nadu and bases her writings and cosmological teachings on the Integral and Supramental yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother who envisioned that India would one day help the world find its way to higher knowledge about the relationship between Matter and Spirit, and the relationship between the Cosmos, the Individual and the Divine. Ms. Norelli-Bachelet writes that correctly measuring the Zodiac is fundamentally important in the process of seeing the divine or supramental order and sense in our individual and collective evolution.

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Supermind and the Calendar – any Connection?

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet

Director, Aeon Centre of Cosmology
January 22, 2011
© Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet 2011

Those who follow the websites dedicated to Sri Aurobindo and the supramental Yoga may be puzzled reading Lori Tompkins’ latest contribution, failing to see any connection between the calendar and his work. Actually there is no other area of contemporary Indian life that better reflects the need for his intervention than in matters relating to the Hindu Calendar in use today and officially established by a group of scientists under the auspices of the Government in 1953. What transpired then in this issue crucial to society as a whole, reflects better than anything else the hold of the old spirituality over the civilisation. And certainly we realise that one of the main objectives of Sri Aurobindo’s mission was to loosen that hold and finally to introduce the new ‘direction’, as I call it.
       The problem surfaced then because Jawaharlal Nehru realised that a unifying calendar was required for Hindus and he believed that science had to take the lead to cement further the division between astronomy and astrology, the latter being synonymous with superstition in his eyes. This slow distancing between the two began a millennium earlier with the system propagated by scientists finally overtaking the world of higher knowledge several centuries ago; the result is that a total confusion exists in matters that had always been crystal clear.
       The word cosmos means order. This is certainly not applicable to the cosmic connection in post-independence India, thanks to the intrusion of science in matters beyond its purview. Rather, the truth is that time reckoning, as it stands today, has lost all claim to higher knowledge because of what I call the Ayanamsha Chaos. The discovery of the correct zero starting point of the circle (ayanamsha) of time measure is the most important element for establishing Order in these matters. At the same time the chaos we find in this area displays the same corruption that plagues Indian society on numerous levels due to vested interests of various sorts. The only difference is that we would never expect to find this disease in sacred matters.
       I realised this very early on when I saw the confusion perpetrated by the numerous almanac writers in order that by the ‘uniqueness’ of their respective ‘more accurate’ ayanamsha they might further the sale of their ephemeris by gathering more followers for their system over others. This unfortunate situation, a virtual commercialisation of the Sacred, was displayed at the Conference to which I was invited to speak;1 it seemed to encapsulate everything that needs to be transformed if India is to rise to the occasion and fulfil her higher destiny as envisioned by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and confirmed by the new cosmology. Interestingly, this fulfilment hinges on putting order in matters cosmic insofar as this civilisation is the only one surviving that can still trace a connection to the ancient past before orthodox and exclusivist religions did away with that Tradition in the first millennium. With that dismissal any hope of a continued cosmic connection was lost, since the Feminine Principle stands at the heart of any discipline wherein the Divine Maya, or Measure, is required. And the new faiths dismissed the Feminine with concepts that equated it with evil; or, as in Advaita, a beguiling temptress to be resisted and finally dismissed as mere insubstantial illusion. India held on to the connection for several centuries, but eventually succumbed to the wave that swamped the entire globe during the first millennium. The current Hindu calendar entirely reflects the hold systems like Advaita or Mayavada have over the psyche of the civilisation.
       What has this to do with Sri Aurobindo’s work? Certainly mention of the Divine Maya should make at least the first step in drawing the threads together easier for the student of Sri Aurobindo’s work to grasp. And from that first lead we arrive at the core of the matter which is his avatarhood. The connection between Supermind and the calendar is not suspected because most of his followers do not realise that he was Vishnu’s 9th Avatar. As tradition tells us, the Vishnu Avatar comes when the Dharma has reached its lowest ebb, certainly the current situation. His task is to re-establish that Dharma. But herein lies the root of the confusion because we all have different ideas of what that might be and what it might entail for contemporary society. But if we study carefully his life and work – factual and not only devotional – the method to carry out the transformation, in this case embracing an entire society and civilisation, becomes clear.
       This is where an enlightened calendar becomes essential. There has to be a means to carry all of India (its majority population in fact) forward on a single course; but insofar as the universal calendar in use throughout most of the world is the same used in the Vedic and Sangam eras, it is evident that wisdom prevailed when at Independence that was the calendar adopted for civic purposes. In so doing the forefathers took the nation closer to its Vedic and Sangam roots – and thereby closer to the fulfilment of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s goal. At this point it must be mentioned that this was the calendar used in their Ashram in Pondicherry from its inception until today – and not the Hindu calendar governing temple observances and horoscopy. Some might argue that this is because they wanted to distance themselves from ritual and even astrology; but this was not the case. They did so because the Hindu calendar is wrong and needs to be discarded.
       The result of the Ayanamsha Chaos is quite simply to divide-and-rule; a very clever and almost invincible tactic in fact. The only method to unite 80% of the energies of contemporary Indian society is by the adoption of the calendar Sri Aurobindo and the Mother used as the basis for all their observances: the universal calendar which is also the one explained in the following verses from the Rig Vedic:

Twelve spokes, one wheel, navels three.
Who can comprehend this?
On it are placed together
Three hundred and sixty like pegs.
They shake not in the least.
(Rig Veda 1.154.48)

       At this point I must be more specific. It would not have been possible to establish the cosmic credentials of Sri Aurobindo as the 9th Avatar in the Line of Ten with the current Hindu Calendar – which should make it obvious why this was the favoured strategy of the Ignorance to keep the truth of the Supramental Avatar’s credentials from being discovered. It can also reveal why there are so many ‘avatars’ today since the system adopted for temple rituals and horoscopy can be termed ‘relative’, to suit the relativism of contemporary science; whereas when the Vedic cosmic credentials exist there is no place for relativism which allows for imposters and confusion to abound. Those credentials are discernible only via the universal Vedic calendar.2
       If we study the happenings surrounding the Vishnu Avatar’s work over the past three decades – i.e., from the time of the Mother’s passing – we note that the seeds of undermining took root then and have developed into hardy trees. The same confusion we observe in the nation we observe in Ashram and Auroville affairs. Certainly it is not far-fetched to look for a single root cause, especially since Sri Aurobindo’s work seeks to bring about a transformed India and the world. Thus the state of the nation cannot be overlooked, nor the condition prevailing in the laboratory of his work. And if this exercise is carried out from 1970 to today, culminating with the First National Conference to reform the Hindu calendar, the correspondence is all too clear. 
       However, the connection with Sri Aurobindo’s work would not at all be clear without the Mother’s contribution – again, factual not imaginary. Enter the calendar that makes applicable what would otherwise remain trapped in the transcendence of philosophy.
       I realise that introducing, as I must at this point, the Mother’s original plan of the Inner Chamber of the Matrimandir will raise the hackles of Aurovilleans. But since this is the decade of exposure, none can escape this fate. Exposure is the divine Strategy to loosen the hold of the Ignorance over the world. Therefore, the truth of the matter is that without considering her contribution, not the revised version of the architects, I would not have been able to link conclusively the calendar controversy to their work by having offered the most complete documentation possible of the original plan to prove the point. Whoever has studied that documentation (Chronicles of the Inner Chamber, cannot fail to appreciate the connection – and, more importantly, the solution.
       The Mother’s plan is Vedic to the core – though not many so-called Vedic Astrologers would agree since they would not recognise hers as being in any way a true Vedic temple.  In fact, the Mother’s is the new Indian temple architecture for the new Age. It does not destroy the earlier foundation, which is still valid in spite of the latter-day Ayanamsha Chaos, but it builds on those foundations without any need of tearing down the great accomplishments of the distant past. The need of the hour is to remove the ‘cobwebs’, as I have called them, that have accrued around the truths of the Vedic Age. At the same time an updating is demanded to APPLY the sacred sciences to contemporary society precisely by introducing the new cosmic language the Mother left us before her passing. That is, the process has to be creative and not destructive, if it is to be revealed as supramental, as the fruit of a truth-conscious inspiration.

       The means to do so creatively is to re-establish the same foundation and point of conver-gence as in the Vedic Age – that is, the Year. This was the focal point of the Vedic Sacrifice; it is the very same focal point of the Mother’s original plan of her Chamber. More astonishingly, the Ray – gau/cow of the former Age – has materialised the Divine Measure before our eyes today since as per her original plan, the length of the Ray (gau) corresponds exactly to the Year of 365 days. This is the first time in the history of the sacred sciences that we find the harmony of Time and Space captured in architecture. These remarkable facts can be ascertained through the tho-rough documentation on the Matrimandir Action Committee’s website: They leave no doubt that the Mother has brought the Vedic Temple into our new Age, given it a new and transformed Body as it were, in a way that can satisfy both science and spirituality. Her original plan contains all the details of that third way beyond both science and spirituality, which she described as the solution to the conundrum of their polarity. Regarding the Chamber’s core, where opposites are supramentally reconciled, she declared it to be the symbol of the future realisation. Those who deny her this ability and accomplishment have played right into the hands of the Underminers.
       The Mother’s inner chamber locates the two ‘years’ that we must use for time reckoning in an evolved society: the space year which begins with the Spring Equinox (northern hemisphere) of March, and the time year which is situated in the calendar year on January 1st as per her mathematical plan. That most of the world observes these Vedic dates, except India thanks to the Post-Vedic Astrologers, indicates how much penetration Supermind has made in the evolutionary matrix, though vested interests in India refuse to follow its enlightened lead, just as they refused to accept Sri Aurobindo’s superior approach to the Veda.
       When it is understood that the same vested interests on the occult plane that opposed the Mother’s original plan are determined to oppose any reform of the Hindu calendar, linking contemporary society to the Vedic Age, we realise that there is a method to the madness of the Ayanamsha Chaos. And interestingly, approximately 60 temples in Tamil Nadu have introduced the Vedic method of time reckoning to follow the Avatar’s lead in the very Tamil land where he lived and fulfilled his mission. There has been a concerted effort to oppose adoption of the Mother’s original plan for the Auroville construction. Similarly there is a concerted effort to block adoption of the true Vedic calendar. History has repeated itself because they both contain the same key to Gnostic Time that unifies rather than divides. And just as there is an impeccable coherency in the developmental arc of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s work, a clearly discernible thread running through the years during which they carried out their joint mission of transformation, so too there is a similar discernible coherency in the opposition to their work.
       Finally, it is a question of the chicken or egg conundrum. If the nation had adopted the universal calendar for sacred purposes at Independence, as it did for civic matters, the Mother’s original plan would have been irresistible. But as facts not fiction reveal, both failed; and in both arenas confusion prevails with no solution in sight. There is no ‘centre that holds’ in Auroville and the Ashram; likewise there is no centre that can unify all the energies of the Hindu Samaj to live the dictum diversity in unity.
       The Year is similar to an axis in a heavenly body. Certainly it is elusive because that is the nature of Time, the fourth aid in the integral and supramental yogas. It is when we reach the Age of Supermind that this issue becomes essential to grasp because by its very definition there must be a method whereby the three foundational principles of the Yoga are integrated to form a society expressing the Divine Maya, as the Mother indicated in her original plan and as expressed in Sri Aurobindo’s own symbol. There we find the key to the calendar and to gnostic Time: the descending petals of the Avatar’s Lotus numbering 9 (Transcendent), 6 (Cosmic), and 3 (Individual/Soul). The Formula based on 9 (his symbol) combines with the 12 (her symbol) in the Chamber to reproduce in matter the time year (9) and the space year (12) – or vertical and horizontal cosmic directions. This is the essence of the Chamber’s core, for which reason she called it the symbol of the future realisation.

       Sri Aurobindo wrote in The Secret of the Veda that the ‘soul of knowledge had fled from its coverings’ when describing conditions surrounding the Veda at the time he wrote his opus magnum. Nothing but empty ritual remained. This occurs when the key to gnostic Time is lost because it is Time that adds gnosis to Form – otherwise we have inert Shiva, awaiting the impulses from the divine Shakti to engender movement, to set in motion the Becoming as equal to Being in the deployment of Supermind on Earth. The Year as the body of Time is the means to make a connection with that Gnosis, today as in the Vedic Age. We are blessed on Earth to occupy this third orbit in our solar system where we can be conscious participants in the ‘journey’ through the Year, just as the ancient Rishis did so very long ago. But if we study what unfolded at the Conference, there was no higher knowledge in evidence there as one would expect at such a meeting, the very heart of which is everything most sacred to the Tradition that India has managed to preserve in spite of all divide-and-rule tactics – and in this I include the Ayanamsha Chaos.
       When the speaker who followed me, an astronomer I believe, stated ‘This is science not Veda,’ in an attempt to belittle my emphasis on the higher aspects of the issue, it was a confirmation that the ‘soul of knowledge’ had indeed taken flight. This is the area we must concentrate on because without the proper field wherein the higher things can be established – a field that is generated through the fourth aid of the Yoga – nothing of those true things can take root. Time is akin to the soil where an occult ‘seed’ is planted. With the Knowledge contained in the Mother’s original plan we are given the key to the harmony of soil and seed, or Space and Time. Indeed, that future realisation.

       This is what the Mother sought to do by insisting on the adoption of her plan for the inner chamber (‘…Now I have seen, I don’t need anyone’). This is what I sought to do by revealing in very minute detail just exactly what she had done, what she had brought down from the supramental plane. But just as vested interests blocked a nationwide adoption of the Vedic system of calendrical time reckoning, so too did vested interests succeed in blocking the materialisation of the Mother’s vision in Auroville. To be born in mind, however, is that time moves on, and when Gnostic Time is one’s ally the supramental Truth-Consciousness cannot fail to overtake the Field it itself has produced and nurtured. Then the dictum of Aeon Centre of Cosmology is validated: All, negative and positive, serves the purposes of the One. What transpires before us today is impeccably correct if we have eyes to see. That is where the new cosmology enters. It unmasks those vested interests we find everywhere, contaminating everything, with little regard for human sentiments just as the Time-Spirit displayed in Arjun’s vision when he desired to see his Friend’s true form. But Arjun belonged to another Age, the period of the 8th Avatar, and therefore he could not bear that terrible and awesome vision. In this age of the 9th, however, it is precisely the 9 and the Time-Spirit that hold to key to Time’s gnostic workings as Sri Aurobindo’s symbol informs us. The Mother materialised the Supramental Formula encoded in Sri Aurobindo’s symbol. In so doing she has offered India the plan for the proper calendar that elevates and unites what would otherwise remain hopelessly divided, degenerating further and further into mere superstition. This is the goal of science in these sacred matters, the essence of which it ignores: to oppose that Formula so that India can never fulfil her destiny in which all things find their proper place, science included.


1 The First International Conference on Calendar Reform, Tirumala, 24-26 December 2010.
2 Readers may be confused by calling the calendar Vedic insofar as the propagators of the current calendar in use describe it as ‘vedic’ or themselves as ‘Vedic Astrologers’. The truth of the matter is that they should be referred to as Post-Vedic. Then there would be no confusion.
3 This is similar to Sri Aurobindo’s remarks regarding the experience the Mother had on 26.11.1915, which he stated was Vedic ‘but not one that would be recognised as Vedic’ by those who practice the new yogas, calling them Vedic.

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Restoring the Soul of Knowledge in the Age of Aquarius

Some believe that humanity will have to wait until December 21st 2012 for the galactic alignment that will open the ‘doors’ to greater consciousness as foretold by the Mayan Calendar. But perhaps the Mayan calendar countdown has been miscalculated by a few years.1 Perhaps the December 21st 2010 Solstice/Total Lunar Eclipse conjunct Pluto and the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy,2 decorated by the Ursids meteor shower was the event or alignment that the Mayan cosmologists foresaw.

Many envision or hope that the ramifications of this grand alignment, involving the Earth, the Earth’s Winter Solstice, the Moon, the Lunar Nodes, the Sun, Pluto, the Precession of the Equinoxes, and the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy will help humans evolve towards higher levels of consciousness – a more unified consciousness. Many sense that an increase in natural and man-made disasters will make ‘business as usual’ more and more difficult, demanding change; but overall there is little agreement as to what exactly the projected higher expression of consciousness will be or what it will entail or demand. 

In ‘The 2010 Winter Solstice/Lunar Eclipse: A Global Tuning Fork’ I presented the view that the Solstice/Eclipse was an invitation to notice, appreciate and attune oneself to the perfect alignment that is the foundation of the Earth's 12 month Tropical Year and our own 9/0 number system which we have inherited from Vedic civilization.3 The four-pointed cross or square of the Earth’s Equinoxes and Solstices is the fixed or stable (eternal for all practical purposes) foundation of the Tropical Year, and the trinity or triangle is the eternal base or foundation of the 9/0 number system. 

As is, most ‘Western’ astrologers who utilize the Tropical Zodiac (Sayana) have yet to realize the profound Vedic heritage and gnosis of their art; and Indian astrologers mistakenly celebrate a calendar that is calculated by looking to the constellations (Sidereal/Nirayana) rather than by looking to the Earth’s own measure. And on top of this, few have imagined that the four-fold 12-month Zodiac and the triadic Circle of 9/0 in tandem or simultaneously describe the unified field of Time and Space which extends from the Soul.

Our civilization, Western and Eastern alike, has inherited the shell of, or rather disjointed pieces and parts of an ancient system of integral, universal, uplifting and unifying knowledge. Our ideas or notions of how to truly utilize, apply and benefit from these disjointed piece and parts are foggy at best. So foggy indeed that few in our modern times can even imagine that either the Zodiac or our number system have ANYTHING to do with Integral Knowledge, Gnosis, or universal/eternal truth (Sanatana Dharma). This lack of imagination or vision is tantamount to having the Holy Grail in front of our faces 24/7 but treating it as a drinking cup (or a fully neutered myth) rather than as applicable transformative knowledge. Sri Aurobindo wrote of this problem in The Secret of the Veda:

'The letter lived on when the spirit was forgotten;
the symbol, the body of the doctrine, remained,
but the soul of knowledge had fled from its coverings.'

Recovering the Soul of Knowledge

It is not a hollow coincidence that on the day of the 2010 Solstice/Eclipse/Galactic Alignment, Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet traveled to the First National Conference on Panchanga Ganitam held at the sacred Tirumala Venkateswara Temple in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India, where she would (a few days later on the 25th) deliver a paper to a seemingly all-Indian and overwhelmingly male congregation on the need to reunite the Hindu sacred calendar with the Tropical Zodiac, and thereby restore the Sanatana Dharma – the soul of eternal knowledge. Her yogic predecessors, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, foresaw that India would eventually rise to Her necessary position as world GURU, i.e. re-educating and unifying the world sanga (community) based on a full restoration of Vedic gnosis, – i.e. a full restoration of the Eternal Truth of Being and Becoming. Whether Indian (and non-Indian) astrologers, gurus, yogis, pundits and scholars are able to fathom or admit it yet, Ms. Norelli-Bachelet’s maha yoga is inseparable from the Integral and Supramental Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, and is in turn, inseparable from the restoration of Vedic wisdom. She has, truly like no other, pierced through millennia of accumulated distortions and mis-interpretations of the Vedic consciousness, and struck a sword of Higher Knowledge in the heart and terra firma of India, – a country that is known in astrological terms to be ‘ruled’ and in some ways defined by Capricorn, the 10th sign of the Zodiac. It is fitting that she herself was born on January 5th, smack dab in the middle of the month of Capricorn.

The conference was webcast/broadcast live across the globe from the most important temple in India ‒ the mountaintop abode of Vishnu (Venkateshwar), as the Sun traveled through the first degrees of Capricorn. Regardless of the fact that Ms. Norelli-Bachelet was rushed off the stage before she could finish her presentation, and that those making the final resolutions upheld the Nirayana measurement of the year without seriously considering the Earth-centered (Sayana) point of view she and others at the conference raised, the cat is clearly out of the bag and cannot be put back in. The Tropical Zodiac is a perpetual reality that the Earth and all its inhabitants experience. The four seasons of the year, each divided into three months or signs, have nothing to do with the constellations.

On the morning of December 25th, after all presenters on the subject of the Precession of the Equinoxes and the Ayanamsha (zero point) of the annual year had been heard from, Ms. Norelli-Bachelet stood up and protested the majority opinion about the Precessional Year (a 25,920 year cycle) and the annual year:
‘[To determine] the appearances of the Dasavatars [Ten Avatars of Vishnu], THAT you can use the Precession of the Equinoxes [for], very accurately, if you base your calculations on those verses that I indicated from the Rig Veda. You cannot use it for temple purposes and for horoscopy. It is actually incorrect to do so. That is describing thousands of years. We are dealing with the yearly phenomenon and you have every verse in the Rig Veda that confirms this. There is one that says, 'Certain eternal worlds there are, their doors are closed to you, or opened, by the months and the years. It is these that Brihaspati has made manifest to knowledge.' Now it says, MONTHS and YEARS, it doesn't say days, it doesn't say hours. In the Rig Veda they say 'months and years'. Now 'the months' corresponds to the annual 365 days, those 12 spokes. 'The years' corresponds to the Precession of the Equinoxes. Many people claim that in the ancient Veda, the Vedic Rishis did not know of the Precession, but that is incorrect. This verse proves it. 'Years' pertains to the Precession of the Equinoxes. 'Months' pertains to our annual year and it is THAT that should be used for temple purposes. But I repeat, 60 temples now in Tamil Nadu have just celebrated Makar Sankranti together with the Solstice. This is extremely important. There will be a transformed India the day that this calendar problem is resolved. It is then that India will be a superpower; and this is its power, not in economics, nothing else but THIS, this Vedic science. And you are blessed all to be vidwans of this sacred art, the most sacred there is.’
An attendee or speaker rebutted, ‘Mam, I'd just like to provide one small clarification. The function of celebration in the temples of Tamil Nadu on December 22nd, the Solstice, is Arudhra Darshan not Makar Sankranti, it is Arudhra Darshan. Arudhra Darshan is a district festival celebrated in the Shiva temples of Tamil Nadu, and it has only to do with the Arudhra etcetera.’4 To which Ms. Norelli-Bachelet replied, ‘Your information is not correct.’ Indeed his information was not correct. The 60 Tamil Nadu temples mentioned did celebrate Makar Sankranti (entrance into the sign of Capricorn) on December 21st 2010 in conjunction with the Solstice.5

After reviewing the transcripts of the exchange above, Ms. Norelli-Bachelet commented, ‘No wonder I needed to be silenced.’6 Her line of thought is simply a threat to Nirayana astrologers or astronomers who hold that the signs of the 360 degree Zodiac are determined by the constellations rather than Earth’s year divided by the equinoxes and solstices. The implication in the Rig Veda verse is that as long as the 12 months of the year and the years of the Precession of the Equinoxes are not being measured, accounted for and comprehended correctly, the doors to the ‘eternal worlds’/higher realms of consciousness are CLOSED to the individual and to the collective; and likewise that when the 12 months of the year and the years (and Ages) of the Precession of the Equinoxes are correctly measured, accounted for and comprehended, the doors of Higher Consciousness are OPENED. In this context, all those who uphold Nirayana Astrology, and call it ‘Vedic’, are actually hindering the progress of, hindering the illumination of the human collective.

Door Closed …  Doors Opened

Many readers might be wondering at this point, how in the world  ‘doors’ or portals to higher levels of consciousness are, as the Vedic Rishi reported, are ‘closed to you, or opened’ by the months and the years. It is a matter of alignment and orientation, specifically alignment and orientation in the unified field of Time and Space. Whirling about in Time and Space, unconsciously, without a stabilizing Center of Being or assemblage point (to borrow a term from Carlos Castaneda), and without accurate measurements of the spherical or cyclical territory, the Individual is like a lost ship (nava) or vehicle, literally spinning out of control. Without the basic tools and technologies of navigation, the journey, the sea, terrain and circumstances seem like an endless, cavernous, deadly, random, disassociated, pointless or soul-less chaos which the human heart and mind rightfully experiences as suffering.

When you have an overpopulated world full of such lost and pained individuals ‒ individuals who have quite literally lost the Way or inner bearing to make sense of their own lives and the lives of others, and to boot don’t even KNOW life on Earth can be experienced any other way; well then you have a veritable nightmare or ‘Dark Age’, wherein each person’s unconsciousness is an individual Tower of Babble scrambling, eclipsing or negating the point, order, harmony and beauty of existence in the material world. Life as usual in this realm consists of each person contributing, at whatever volume, their own lost-ness and their ideas about how to be ‘saved’ or ‘found’ by God, by science, by psychology, etcetera, into a deafening cacophony of hollow words and movements … words and movements that have lost the ‘soul of knowledge’.

It is in this epic shadow (or eclipse of light) that the mind of Man found its way to ‘separate the inseparable’ and began to ‘see’ the Divine as somehow removed from Mother Earth, from her children and from the Cosmic Matrix. In the Age of Pisces (234 BCE - 1926 CE, as measured by PNB), this blindness passed for ‘truth’ and birthed a myriad of dogmatic, self-righteous, exclusivist and contentious religions, most of which to some degree demonize, negate, demote, degrade and demean the material world and the feminine/female. The sciences and technologies that have emerged out of this same blindness with little or no regard for the soul and the material health of the Earth, have lead humanity to a self-destructive abyss. The attempt to separate the Zodiac signs from the Earth’s natural year, i.e. to measure that sacred year by the ‘heavens above’ rather than the Earth’s own experience is clearly an action or effect of considering the material world and its dynamic processes inferior to the transcendent ‘beyond’. Sri Aurobindo wrote of this distorted/escapist mental perspective in The Life Divine (Part II, Chapter I, ‘Reality and Integral Knowledge’).
‘Unable by the claim of the Infinite upon us to dwell for ever in the bonds of the finite or to find there satisfaction and largeness and peace, we have to break all the bonds of individual and universal Nature, destroy all values, symbols, images, self-definitions, limitations of the illimitable and lose all littleness and division in the Self that is for ever satisfied with its own infinity. Disgusted with forms, disillusioned of their false and transient attractions, wearied and discouraged by their fleeting impermanence and vain round of recurrence, we must escape from the cycles of Nature into the formless and featurelessness of permanent Being. Ashamed of Matter and its grossness, impatient of the purposeless stir and trouble of Life, tired out by the goalless running of Mind or convinced of the vanity of all its aims and objects, we have to release ourselves into the eternal repose and purity of the Spirit. … The Eternal is our refuge; all the rest are false values, the Ignorance and its mazes, a self-bewilderment of the soul in phenomenal Nature.’

In the same book (and chapter), he presents the larger, more integral point of view, that:
‘What is necessary for our mental ignorance in order to escape from itself cannot be the necessity of the Absolute which has no need of self-escape and no reason for refusing to cognize whatever is to it cognizable.’
When one’s orientation or alignment in Time and Space is corrected via a seed of Higher Knowledge which illuminates one’s relationship with the Earth rather than severs it, this shadow, ignorance, lost-ness, and disdain of or desire to escape material creation is gradually overcome or conquered. One proceeds or learns to view and experience the spherical, cyclical or spiraling play from the center, from the ‘Eye of Shiva’ so to speak, and each instance of creation, existence or manifestation is seen as an endless continuity of Self expression, the inside connected to and in fluid relationship with all outside creations and movements. The spell of ignorance or plight of lost-ness, separation, etc. is thoroughly broken by one’s direct experience ‒ by one’s journey in time. The luminous core of being, rather than a vacuous or pointless void, becomes more and more obvious as the fulcrum and organizing force of one’s Becoming or evolution. As opposed to the common experience of being worn down or wasted by Time, the past and present begin to build UP or INCREASE one’s consciousness of eternality, of bliss, of the Divine nature of the Self. Month by month, and year by year, the traveler amasses more and more lived-experience of the consciousness-force that is ever present in the very real sacred designs/cyclical course/geometries of material evolution. Neither past nor present experience are wasted or disregarded as an illusion. All movements, successes, failures, joys, pains, protagonists and antagonists are increasingly integrated, put in their rightful place or context, and seen as useful parts of the whole movement … as integral parts of the whole whirling cosmos – a whole dynamic body.

To the degree that this luminous point of view or applicable knowledge of Oneness is established in the Individual, the Divine in creation (both earthly and cosmic) is increasingly self-evident. The One-Self in many selves is increasingly self evident. The light of one’s own Soul is increasingly self-evident. Increasingly self-evident, in this case, also means increasingly substantial … increasingly real and verifiable in a way that beliefs are not. One realizes why it is the body can be considered a temple, each individual capable of establishing or rather dis-covering the sacred pillar, measure, axis mundi or Divine Light at the center of his or her own being, each individual capable of being a microcosm that is consciously in tune with the sacred rhythms and measures or eternal laws of the Earth and Cosmos. One recognizes that one’s own consciousness–dynamic-life-force is self-similar to the consciousness–dynamic-life-force that creates, organizes and moves the Earth, the Solar System and the Cosmos. One grows into an ever-increasing certainty that the Individual Self is inseparable from both the Transcendent or immobile Point of Being and the dynamic whirling grand design/Cosmos, and thereby becomes a conscious embodiment of the Divine Trinity.

In a nutshell, correct alignment, centering and orientation in the whirling field of Time and Space is literally the key to the passage of months and years occurring as a meaningless, random march, void of spirit and progressively deadening, or as a meaning-full, orderly march, full of a divine consciousness-force that weaves beautiful, intricate and very real harmonies, synchronicities, and geometries, progressively uplifting the human mind, and eventually human civilization, out of its myopic and painful delusions. Matters and details that seem to have no relevance, relation or purpose, begin to light up with soulful significance, soulful interconnectedness, giving one greater and greater certainty that our prevailing ignorance is truly a temporary phenomenon, a temporary eclipse of knowledge, in our evolution towards the higher realms and possibilities of consciousness and material expression.
‘The knowledge of the Becoming is part of knowledge; it acts as ignorance only because we dwell imprisoned in it, avidyāyām antar, without possessing the Oneness of the Being, which is its base, its stuff, its spirit, its cause of manifestation and without which it could not be possible.’  ‒ Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book II, Ch. 1

‘… to know Brahman as at once and together the Knowledge and the Ignorance, to attain to the supreme status at once by the Becoming and the Non-Becoming, to relate together realization of the transcendent and the cosmic self, to achieve foundation in the supramundane and a self-aware manifestation in the mundane, is the integral knowledge; that is the possession of Immortality. It is this whole consciousness with its complete knowledge that builds the foundation of the Life Divine and makes its attainment possible.’  ‒ Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Book II, Ch. 1 [Bold emphasis added]

The Months and the Years and the December Solstice
On December 25th 2010, Ms. Norelli-Bachelet publically exposed one of India’s biggest failings/hypocrisies. Whereas many Indian’s believe that they are faithfully upholding the ancient Vedic tradition of the 360 degree, 12-spoked sacrifice (year),7 they are failing because the Nirayana calculations of the year are wrong and the months of the annual year and the years of the Precession of the Equinoxes are mis-measured. The Rishi wrote that the 12 months (spokes) of the 360 degree Vedic year are ‘firmly riveted’ by the Earth’s Equinoxes and Solstices. Pointing to the conclusion that the year as measured by the Vedic Rishis is the Tropical year. Elsewhere in Ms. Norelli-Bachelet’s work she discusses the pervasive miscalculations of India’s yugas, which erroneously paint the picture that the Vedic Rishis were not at all concerned with or knowledgeable of the Precessional Cycle) and its 12 ages, even though it has been proved elsewhere that the Vedic tradition of the Dasavataras of Vishnu the Preserver is clearly linked to the fixed ages of the Precession (Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio).8

I would like to suggest to readers that the December Solstice/Lunar Eclipse/Galactic Conjunction, in its own unique way emphasizes the correct measures of ‘the months and the years’, which when properly understood and applied, open the doors to greater or eternal realms of consciousness. The fact that these grand alignments happened on the December Solstice can be seen as a sign that the 12 month Tropical Zodiac is the chosen ONE, the chosen 360° circle of relations to unify the collective (i.e. not the Sidereal/Nirayana year calculation). The fact that the Lunar Eclipse lasted 72 minutes or 4320 seconds, can also be seen as a sign that Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet’s understanding of the Kali Yuga (432,000 seconds of degrees of celestial arc) as one third of the Precession of the Equinoxes (wherein each degree of precession is 72 years), is correct.9 In looking at these numbers, one can see that both ‘the months’ of the Tropical year and ‘the years’ of the Precession have been somewhat highlighted in the event.

If one considers that the last time the December Solstice was joined by a Total Lunar Eclipse was 1638 CE or 372 years ago, the plot thickens. 372 = 360 + 12. The Vedic measure/perennial wisdom of the One wheel wherein the 360 pegs and 12 spokes are firmly riveted, is herein ‘hidden’ in plain sight.

Conclusion: Knowledge for a New Age

The larger message that can be taken from both the December 2010 Solstice and from Ms. Norelli-Bachelet’s presentation on Calendar Calculation (Panchanga Ganitam) is that orienting ourselves correctly in Time and Space is one of the fundamental tasks that befalls us in our new age ‒ the Age of Aquarius, which according to Ms. Norelli-Bachelet, began in 1926 CE, the same year Sri Aurobindo declared the 26th of November as ‘Immortality Day’ and the same year the full body of the Giza Sphinx (its lion or Leo body) was dug out from the sands of Egypt.10 Our knowledge of both the annual Year and the Great Year (Precession of the Equinoxes) must be precise and accurate. Without that precession and accuracy, our ability to Center ourselves within our individual circumstance and within our Cosmos is thoroughly disabled.

No longer can the Nirayana system of calendar calculation masquerade as the ‘Vedic’ year that is the basis of developing a trikala dristi (triple time vision) and a consciousness of unity. And no longer can Gautama the Buddha, a sage who helped crystallize a consciousness of escape from time and material evolution during the Age of Pisces, be considered one of the Dasavatara (the Ten Evolutionary Avatars) who appear in the Fixed Ages of the Precession to uplift material creation to a new level or new order.11 These grave errors in our accounting, in our Self Knowledge, must be corrected for true progress to be made in our new Age.

In The Hidden Manna, Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet discusses how this correction process in the Age of Aquarius was foretold by St. John in his Revelation.12 Once one is aware that the Biblical Revelation is written in terms of the Zodiac, the Earth’s 24 hour day, the Precession of the Equinoxes and other measurements of the 360° Circle, it is possible to see that the prophecy speaks of a specific process of CENTERING, which ends life as we know it … ends falsehood, widens consciousness, and introduces a ‘new song’, ‘a new heaven and a new earth’. It is also possible to see that this process of CENTERING as described in great detail in the epic Christian prophecy was also foretold by the Vedic Rishis in their own epics. It is worth considering that St. John and the Vedic Rishis are describing the same ‘predictable’ evolutionary process or eventuality. It is further worth considering that the Integral, Supramental and Vedic wisdom revealed by Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet over the past century, forms a cohesive body of higher knowledge or wisdom, fit for seeding a New Age and sending it on its way to the fruition of epic potentialities.

Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple
of my God and he shall go no more out.
 … To him that overcometh will I grant to sit
with me in my throne ….
(St. John’s Revelation)

Who is worthy to open the book
[held by the One at the center of the Throne in Heaven],
and to loose the seals thereof?
(St. John’s Revelation)

‘… the nature of Mind as we know it is an Ignorance
seeking for knowledge; it is a knower of fractions
and a worker of divisions striving to arrive at a sum,
to piece together a whole … without the essential knowledge
there could be no true integral knowledge. A consciousness
possessing the essential and integral knowledge, proceeding
from the essence to the whole and from the whole
to the parts, would be no longer Mind, but a perfect
Truth-Consciousness automatically possessed
of inherent self-knowledge and world knowledge.’
(Sri Aurobindo,  The Life Divine)


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Saturday, January 1, 2011

'Don't Let That Lady Speak!' - PNB and Hindu Calendar Reform

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet speaking at the overwhelmingly male
First National Conference on
Panchanga Ganitam,
Tirumala, India, 24-26 Dec. 2010

The quote of this post's title was uttered by an unidentified member of the conference while final deliberations were being made on what zero point would be chosen for the Hindu Calendar.

In the picture below, a conference attendee (or perhaps one of the presenters) protests Ms. Norelli-Bachelet's point that 60 Temples in Tamil Nadu celebrated Makar Sankranti (entrance into the sign of Capricorn) on the 2010 Winter Solstice. He claimed that the celebrations in the temples she referred to were Arudhra Darshan, not at all Makar Sankranti. To that Ms. Norelli-Bachelet had only time to reply, 'Your information is wrong.'