Indians Protest Against Government Corruption

 2011 Indian anti-corruption movement,
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'Baba Ramdev’s Bhrashtachar Mitao Satyagraha
brutally crushed by the government'

Bharat Swabhiman Andolan
, 5 June 2011
'Government puts a black stain on the democracy of our nation. 5th June will be remembered as a black day when the Government ordered 5000 RAF officers to charge in a peaceful satyagraha, that too while they were sleeping. The government applied section 144(Emergency like situation) showcasing the peaceful satyagraha as a riot.' [Link to full story]

'Fast hasn't ended, they wanted to kill me: Ramdev'
Times of India, 5 June 2011
'HARIDWAR: Hours after being bundled out of Delhi, Baba Ramdev targeted Congress president Sonia Gandhi and government, alleging that his peaceful agitation was treated with unprecedented 'barbarism' and vowed to continue his 'satyagraha' against corruption.'  [Link to full story]

'Baba Ramdev: India police break up yogi's Delhi protest'
BBC News, 4 June 2011
'Police in the Indian capital Delhi have broken up an anti-corruption protest led by controversial yoga guru Baba Ramdev. Around 30 people were injured as police fired tear gas to disperse thousands of his supporters, reports said.'  [Link to full story]

'People join hands with Anna Hazare'
Times of India, 9 April 2011
'PURNIA/BHAGALPUR/GAYA: The ripple effect of the crusade against corruption launched by Gandhian Anna Hazare with his indefinite fast since Tuesday percolated down to the small towns across Purnia division as well.' [Link to full story]


  1. what Government thinks? All people are blind ? we will never mind if govt. takes any same full action? Govt. need to explain the proper and strong reason for the same full act on ramleela maidan.

    After the same full act govt now announce the compassion but is this a solution? If govt thinks this is a solution so its my offer to govt ministers please come out we will do the same what the police did at ramleela and we offer you much more amount of compassion.


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