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The Zodiac, the Sphinx and the Key to Cosmic Order

In Vedic/Puranic cosmology, Aryaman [a close etymological match with  the Persian 'villain' Ahriman] and Surya are both sons of the Divine Mother, Aditi. Aditi's (and her sons') correspondence with the zodiac is discussed elsewhere in this blog  and the connection between Aryaman and the astrological sign Leo has been discussed in The New Way, Volumes 1 and 2 by Thea. The struggle between the Lion figure (Ahriman) and the Persian King (as seen below), as well as other images portraying connection between Lion and Man (such as the Giza Sphinx) can be best understood in terms of the evolutionary play of the zodiac, in which the signs of Leo the Lion, and Aquarius the Man/Friend are 'twins'  or joined in the sense that they form an axis in the 360° circle. In terms of the 365 day year they are half a year or six months apart. In terms of the Precession of the Equinoxes, they are half a Precession or six Astrological Ages apart (2160 years x 6 = 12,960 years). In The Gnostic Circle, Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet makes the case that the Giza Sphinx was built in the Age of Leo and her date for the true start of the Aquarian Age, 1926, happens to be the same year the Sphinx was unburied from the sands of Giza.

Perhaps the figure/Vedic god Aryaman got caste as the ‘dark twin’ because in the zodiac and in the Rig Veda, Aquarius the Man or Friend (Mitra) represents the illumined or divine Individual, where as Leo (Ayraman) represents a lesser evolved individual or unillumined 'king' in which the ego occludes one's connection to the Divine Earth and Cosmos. In the Persian image below the illumined human figure (said to be the goddess Anahita) is clearly the master of the Lion she is standing upon. This image is reminiscent of the Vedic goddess Durga who conquers Ignorance riding upon a lion.

Left: Persian goddess Anahita standing on Aryan Lion's (404 BC - 359 BC)
Durga on Lion, from Pudurdravida

An additional piece to be considered that whereas in Vedic lore Vishnu the Preserver rides an Eagle, which can be understood as the Preservation sign of Scorpio, Ahura Mazda is depicted as an Man, a Divine Man with the body of an Eagle. The connection between Vishnu and the Lion, Bull, Man and Eagle (Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio - the 'Fixed' sign cross of the Zodiac) is briefly discussed in 'Vishnu in the Mother's Symbol' and more extensively in The Gnostic Circle.

Chief obstacles in our individual and collective attainment of integral and holistic Self and World knowledge or Gnosis include our 'backwards' understanding and interpretations of mythologies and sacred text, including our ignorant understanding of 'Good and Evil', 'Gods and Titans', 'the Lord and Satan', 'Light and Darkness'. When the cosmological symbolism of the Vedic and Puranic texts is properly understood, then the unity and synthesis of apparent oppositions begins to dawn on our limited linear minds.

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, who has spent the majority of her lifetime revealing and explaining the deepest truths of  cosmological symbolism of the ancient Vedic and Puranic texts, writes:
'... the task today is to re-align­ in our lived experience these cosmic properties of Time and Space which in the soul-language of Myth are personified as Devas and Asuras. This will perhaps help clarify why asura in the Vedas did not carry the negative connotation of the Puranic Age. The split between the sacred and the profane had not yet occurred.' - 'Puranic Cosmology Updated # 7'

The above images should give many readers reason to pause consider the possibility that the cosmological/zodiacal knowledge that has been passed down to us through the ages, the Vedas, the Puranas, through the Sphinx and Pyramids and mythologies of Egypt, as well as through other sacred texts and mythologies, is a truly ANCIENT and truly IMPORTANT key to unity consciousness. It is likely that both artifacts seen above are born of knowledge of the zodiac ... knowledge of the Circle of Life. The Lion-Man on the left is some 40,000 years old!!! The sphinx chimera/image on the right is Mithraic (Persian, circa 100 BC). Not to be missed is the fact that this zodiacal figure (Lion, Man, Eagle) is standing on the Earth or a cosmic circle marked by a cross which points to all four Preservation (Vishnu) signs of the Tropical Zodiac (Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus). This Mithraic symbol has been associated with the Persian 'devil' Ahriman. When one remembers that the God of Time, Chronos came to be portrayed as a demonic, devouring force, then Ahriman's 'bad rap' is better understood. This 'Ahriman'  above on the right literally holds the KEY (in his right hand) to Gnosis of circular, spherical structure of time and space. The staff he holds happens to be 23.4°, the same angle as the tilt of the Earth's axis.

If this Mithraic figure is recognized (as it should be) as Vishnu the Preserver, preserving the key of knowledge throughout the ages, throughout even the darkest and most ignorant ages, then perhaps it is easier to understand the 'Dark Twin' of Time, wherein Time occurs to the human as a demonic, devouring force. In some ages (stages of our evolutionary journey) knowledge of the true face, form and essence of time is necessarily hidden/occulted/darkened (causing suffering) ... and sometimes it is revealed (illuminating consciousness). In our day and current Age of Aquarius, this KEY of Gnosis has been revealed via the combined or Triune yoga of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet.

On the right is a depiction of Narasimha (literally meaning Man-Lion) who is known as the fourth of ten evolutionary avatars (dasavatars) of Vishnu. This image should convince some that the Persian/Mithraic Lion-Man (Ahriman) indeed has its source in the Vedic gnosis and the Vedic Year (i.e. Tropical Zodiac).

Notes: I will soon post more images of Fixed Sign chimera, (conglomerations) including the Sphinx, Griffin, Cherubim, Shedu, Angels and Narasimha.  The image of the Tropical Zodiac posted above (with added yellow highlights) is from a book by Barocius, 1585.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Asura, Ahriman and the Cosmic Order

The topic of asura came up in a February discussion on Mirror of Tomorrow blog. In the beginning of the discussion participants used the word asura to refer to anti-divine forces or beings (‘lords of darkness’). But apparently in Vedic times asura meant just the opposite. 

In The Secret of the Veda, Sri Aurobindo defines Asuryam as ‘the god-power, the mastering force of the Lord, the divine Asura in us.’ (p. 427) He also refers to asura in the positive when discussing the Angiras Rishis:
 ‘… the Angirases are not merely the deified human fathers, they are also brought before us as heavenly seers, sons of the gods, sons of heaven and heroes or powers of the Asura, the mighty Lord, divas putrāso asurasya vīrāḥ (III.53.7), an expression which, their number being seven, reminds us strongly, though perhaps only fortuitously, of the seven Angels of Ahura Mazda in the kindred Iranian mythology.’ [bold emphasis added] (pp. 159-160)

‘Asura, a word used in the Veda as in the Avesta for the Deva (Ahuramazda), but also for the gods, His manifestations; it is only in a few hymns that it is used for the dark Titans, by another fictitious derivation, a-sura, the not luminous, the not-gods.’ (p. 523)
I thought, from what I have learned in my studies of the Sanskrit language and Vedic cosmology that, if Asura once meant ‘the mighty Lord’, then the root sura would likely mean sun. Sure enough, sura means not only god or deity, but also sun. Surya means ‘the sun or its deity’ and also ‘a symbolical expression for the number twelve, in allusion to the sun in the 12 signs of the zodiac.’ Saura means ‘relating or belonging or sacred to or coming from the sun or the god Surya, solar; celestial, divine.’  

The funny thing about this word history is that in the aforementioned asura discussion, the habit of ‘[reading] geometry, numerology and astrology into everything’ was mentioned by an Aurovillian named Auroman to be perhaps an asuric (in its anti-divine/post-Vedic sense) bias of those who appreciate Thea’s supramental cosmology. But clearly I am not making this stuff up out of nowhere … the word Asura actually originates from the Sanskrit word for Sun, which is inseparable in Vedic wisdom, symbolism, cosmology and language from the 12 months of the Tropical Zodiac. At some point it evolved, or perhaps more appropriately, devolved to mean ‘not the sun’, sun-less or dark.

In The Secret of the Veda Sri Aurobindo mentioned the Iranian (Persian) god Ahura Mazda in his discussion of ‘Asura, the Mighty Lord’. Ahura Mazda was the Persian name for the sole creator the universe, maintainer of the cosmic order … ‘the epitome of the true order of the universe’. Ahura Mazda was also known as ‘Auramazda’, ‘Aramazd’ and ‘Hormazda’. Ahura Mazda’s ‘dark’ twin was known as Ahriman. They were apparently considered ‘the Twins of Time’.

There are several interesting things about these names. First off, saura masa means a solar month or 1/12th of the 360° measure of the Vedic year. Secondly hora in Sanskrit means ‘hour’ as well as ‘horoscopy’ (as in the 12-spoked horoscope). Ahoratra means a 24 hour day. So it seems there is a very real connection/continuity between the words asura, ahura, aura, hora, ahora (ahora is also the Spanish word for the hour or the moment that is now) … as well as Horus, the Egyptian sun god, and ‘horoscope’ which shows the cosmic order at the time of one’s birth. I am also wondering if the English words ‘sure’ and ‘assure’ are actually descendent from sura/asura. It seems that even the auro of Sri Aurobindo’s name (which denotes golden, solar energy) is connected to the same root as Auramazda – the Lord of the Universe.

Thirdly the Sanskrit word masta – which sounds a whole lot like mazda and also like the English word ‘master’ – means ‘measure’ and also ‘summit, top or head’ (as in mast and masthead). The Sanskrit root word ma means ‘measure’ or ‘to be measured out’ or ‘built’. Mas or masa means a month, specifically a 12th part of the Vedic year. Ahura Mazda (ahura or saura masta) could well have referred to the sole/solar Lord of Measure, Lord of the 12 Months … the Master of Time and Space.

Ahriman, on the other hand, was the dark or ignorant twin of this supreme organizing being or force in Persian mythology. [Image on right: Persian King in battle with Ahriman] It is truly fascinating that Ahriman turns out to be such a close etymological kin to the name Auroman considering Auroman’s February Mirror of Tomorrow outbursts, in which he belittled/ridiculed/caste shadows on Thea’s supramental knowledge of the solar year, sacred measure, and time. Auroman actually signed one of his belittling/ridiculing remarks as ‘me and my evil persona’. It was in petulant ‘jest’ of course, but when one considers the mythology and archetypes involved, it is all quite amusing. Auroman’s sidekick in the ridicule of Thea’s cosmology was another Aurovillian named Paulette who announced (and seemed proud of the fact) that Thea’s emails/messages/teachings are instantly deleted by her fellow Aurovillians. She contributed more than her fair share of ‘irrelevant-vicious-abusive-disrespectful-rude-extraneous-repugnant... comments’ concerning Thea’s yoga to the discussion. [1]

Ahriman in this divine play represents not only ignorance of time and ignorance of the cosmic order, but also obstruction of ancient wisdom or knowledge. This condition of cosmic ignorance and obstruction of the true light of the Self is widespread in our civilization; so Ahriman is in a sense ‘everyman’ who shares these common blinders and aversions to the sacred measures of our Earth and Universe. I look forward to the days when our resonance with the supreme organizing force of our being and Cosmos is greater than our resonance with Cosmic Ignorance. For starters the Mother’s Temple designs will be more and more appreciated and honored as a perfect expression of and alignment with Surya and the Cosmic Order, and the Auroville Temple will be recognized as an expression of the dark or ignorant (Ahriman) human consciousness. [see Matrimandir Action Committee]
5 February 2010

[1] The Mirror of Tomorrow moderator RY Deshpande deleted what he called ‘irrelevant-vicious-abusive-disrespectful-rude-extraneous-repugnant’ comments, so the full content of the discussion is not found on his blog.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More on the Aries Symbol & Cultivating Perspective

In The Tropical Year, Aries, Symbolism & Perspective I wrote: 'The symbol of Aries can easily be seen to be akin to a sprouting seed. What is often not considered is that the Aries image is not only a reference to a sprouted seed, or new birth, but also to the full flowering of the seed or the full unfolding of the Circle/Year.' I posted a few images that may help readers appreciate the connection between Aries and the Circle. Here are a few more:
 Luminous Watermelon Aries Cross-section  (photo by Lori Tompkins)
  Luminous Watermelon Cross-section  (photo by Lori Tompkins)
 Watermelon Top-Down (photo by Lori Tompkins)

Throughout the Spring I will add more images/photos that I have taken or found to encourage in viewers a sense of the spherical, circular and exquisite geometries inherent in matter and life. When this sense is cultivated, the limited mental consciousness is more prone to participate in its own dissolution and in a necessary evolution towards SEEING and APPRECIATING the precise and exquisite geometries that can not only be found in physical manifestation, but also in the cyclical flow of TIME, in the cyclical flow of the Earth's year and in the cyclical Precession of the Equinoxes as discussed in The Gnostic Circle.

Additional Notes: For those wanting to understand the symbolism of the zodiac in terms of life and our evolutionary journey, The Magical Carousel and Commentaries is a must-read. Also Puranic Cosmology Updated (a new blog by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet) discusses the importance of understanding the Tropical Zodiac (i.e. the Vedic Year) as a real key to harmonizing the energies of Earth's populous [See PCU #8].

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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Tropical Year, Aries, Symbolism & Perspective

In a recent post I quoted Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, who wrote in Symbols and the Question of Unity (1974): 'All symbols, no matter which, spring from the circle; it is this that upholds their movement.' [See full post]. In this post I will show how the symbol of Aries is born of the circle, or literally how this symbol springs from and into a circle.

The Spring Equinox is the Zero or Seed Point (birth) of new Tropical Year, marked by 0° Aries. 0° Aries is the Alpha/Omega, the Beginning/End, the 0/9 of the Circle. 0° Aries marks both the 0° and the 360° of the Circle. They are one and the same. So 0° Aries can be understood as the seed which contains the entire circle, the entire journey of the Year, like the seed of a plant contains the entire plant and its unfolding.

The symbol of Aries can easily be seen to be akin to a sprouting seed.

What is often not considered is that the Aries image is not only a reference to a sprouted seed, or new birth, but also to the full flowering of the seed or the full unfolding of the Circle/Year.

Symbols are often seen 2-dimensionally, and hence incompletely. It often takes a shift in perspective to notice the different layers of a symbol and how it communicates knowledge or living Truth.

Here are some facets or faces of the Aries symbol that are notable:

Aries is associated with the planet Mars and energy. Atomic or nuclear explosions have the appearance of a mushroom cloud, i.e. a spout of energy that ascends and spreads in a 360° 'mushroom' or arc which looks, in the 2-D view, like the Aries sign. This same ascending column and arc can be found in a spout or spurt of water.

These last two images can help the reader appreciate how the Aries symbol is, in a real sense, a particular view or perspective of a circle. If one could look down on an explosion, or a fountain (like one can look straight upon at the 360° bloom of a flower), the circle and its center would be apparent. From the side however, we see something different, we see the height and width (2-D), but not the whole form or the whole extension of the seed or force.

The whole form or the whole extension of the seed or force is not only 3-Dimensional, but also 4-Dimensional, the 4th Dimension being the added reality of how things move and unfold in Time.

Aries is associated with the eyes, and the Aries symbol is formed by the bridge of the nose and eyebrows on the face of humans and many mammals. The iris and pupil of the eye is the Circle and Point, it is a microcosm of the super-structure of time and space. It is interesting that the eyes are framed as they are by the shape of the Aries sign. Especially in that with Aries and the newness of birth, can come a certain blindness (inability to see or conceive of) of the whole journey/whole circle. 

The iris/pupil is circular, yet the viewer is initially and maybe for a LONG TIME unaware of how that shape is truly relevant to, or rather inseparable from, his or her own existence/path/journey/evolution (Being and Becoming).

May our civilization's blindness and deep ignorance of the whole journey/whole circle and all its real symbols give way to recognition, awareness, true vision and knowledge.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The 9, the 0, the Unified Multiplicity and the Divine Mother

‘Thea mentions in her biography that in the early 1970s, she realized the integral nature of numbers. During her initiation with the Mother, she was told the nine `is creation in matter`. What followed was a deep realization of the nine and the meaning of the zero.’ – Dr. Patricia Heidt, ‘Growing Into the Gnostic Circle’Life Positive, February 2003
On 28 February I posted 'The Circle and the Point ... the 9 and the 0', which featured excerpts from Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet's (Thea's) Symbols and the Question of Unity.  I have found more of Thea's writings on the significance of the 9, the 0, the Circle and the unified multiplicity. These writings speak of a profound revelation which are best understood within the context of Thea's books, but still, I think those interested in the circle, in the 9/0, in the zodiac, in the enneagram, in connecting spirit/matter, in Being and Becoming and in cultivating integral gnosis will enjoy these excerpts. 

Excerpts from The Tenth Day of Victory (2004)
(Referring a 9.9.72 letter written by Thea to the Mother)

‘… I wrote to the Mother, symbols were no longer simply abstract figures. They lived. There was no separation between what they ‘stood for’ and the actual figure. I had penetrated a realm in which these separations do not exist. I had entered a state of consciousness in which unity is the foundation. But more than that, I had finally reached the Source of every symbol, of everything in creation in fact. And that Source was the Divine Mother. She was that Circle, that ‘symbol’, denoting the All in its essential unity: all symbols emerged from the Circle. It was only one more step and that All could be reduced to Number. The number of the circle was 9. The 9 was the Divine Mother.
    ‘But there was the Zero, the Point. This followed the realisation of the 9 and the Circle. With the Zero the Knowledge was complete. And out of That came the whole of creation. This Silence was a fullness and no void. The void was an illusion. Only fullness was Reality.’ – p. 206-207

‘For over a year I had been baffled, perplexed, sometimes even tormented by the phenomenon of the 9. Before leaving for India I wrote to the Mother and begged her to tell me what that number meant and why it was pursuing me in such a persistent manner. Her answer reached Rome after I had left, but it was forwarded to me at the Ashram. Her reply was that the 9 signified ‘creation in matter’.
    ‘This made no sense to me at all. What other creation could there be if not material, even though this might be of a subtle material substance? Yet these new experiences forced me to understand the great wisdom in those three simple words: creation in matter.
    ‘When the veil had been rent and I entered the realm where symbols have their ‘being’, I ‘saw’ the 9 as Matter, as the opposite pole to Spirit. I ‘saw’ the 0 as Spirit. But my seeing came in such a way as to allow me to realise the unity of the two. And this was what so revolutionised my consciousness, and later provided me with an entirely new basis on which to build a new cosmological synthesis. This foundation was captured in one simple geometric design: a circle with a central point. That design has always been the symbol of the Sun. And the Sun is the symbol of the Supermind or the Truth-Consciousness.’
    ‘Indeed, as I had written to the Mother, all the threads had come together. I found myself plunged into a state of consciousness where all the symbols Sri Aurobindo had given for the Supermind became living things: the square, the sun, even the colours of the supermind, for they were the material substance of that truth-conscious Sun. Yet none of this was static. There was silence, true, but it was not static nonetheless. And the dynamism that I perceived as one with statics was provided by Number. And number was the measure of Time. Time was the dynamis, Time was the power of the Divine Mother, the kinetic expression of that Divine Consciousness. …
    ‘This seeing resolved all the paradoxes. I had then the formula, a workable structure that harmonised the unity and the multiplicity. This too was the essence of the Supermind: the simultaneous realisation of the One and the Many. The circle was that Many, and it contained, within itself, one with itself, the Point. This was no linear design. The vision was of a spheric wholeness and an implicit simultaneity; and this rendered the circle the symbol of a unified multiplicity, because its foundation, its inner truth was the 0, the point. …’  – p. 208-209

    ‘When I had the realisation of the essence of the 9 as ‘creation in matter’, I simultaneously understood the 0 and with it the entire scale from 0 to 9. This was indeed a further outcome of my September breakthrough: the scale of Number starts from the 0 and not the number 1, contrary to all esoteric teachings in which the 1 is the cipher of unity. Likewise, the scale ends with 9 and not 10. But this key too the Mother had held from her disciples, yet it formed the basis of the new synthesis, the truly esoteric significance of Number.
    ‘By starting from 0 and ending in 9, I found the invaluable key to that spheric wholeness which could never manifest in a system (or a world) where the linear movement from 1-10 prevailed. The difference was revolutionising for it drew the cosmic manifestation back to its source in the Feminine Principle and away from the Masculine where it had been disfigured entirely. But it was not even that. Rather, each thing was put in its place for the first time. This, perhaps more than anything else, would be my single most important contribution to the study of cosmic harmonies.’ – p. 226

Excerpts from Symbols and the Question of Unity (1974)  

‘The key to understanding the Zodiac and other symbols lies ultimately in an understanding of the sphere, and the key to understanding the sphere lies in the number 9, and the key to understanding the 9 lies in the Divine Mother. But the Divine Mother is not a symbol, – she is to be experienced.
    ‘All symbols, no matter which, spring from the circle; it is this that upholds their movement. That is, there can be no relation of lines which do not fall within the sphere, and this in turn can be ultimately translated into one numerical value, the 9. In India it has long been the number connected with the Divine Mother, as, for example, the Sri Chakra of the Tantra reveals, which is composed of 9 triangles. Also the whole system of predictions in Indian Astrology is based on the divisions of 9, of the Zodiac; the Figures attributed to each Yuga are all multiples of 9. One finds this reflected even in the simplest items such as the 108 beads used in the practice of certain rituals, and then revealed in the Gita, of the 18th book of the Mahabharata (of 18 volumes) which speaks of the 18th day of the war, itself containing 18 chapters, the Maha Puranas and the Upa Puranas of 18 books, and so on. In India the most popular feast of the Divine Mother is the Navarati, where on the 9th day Durga slays the Asura. …’ 

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Friday, March 5, 2010

The Chilean Earthquake & Tsunami

The Chilean Earthquake and Tsunami:
A Living Symbol of How the Center and Periphery Are Connected
At 3:33 am on the 27th of February 2010 there WAS NO incident in Chile. A minute later (3:34 am) there WAS. There was a distinct moment when WAS NOT (asat – Sanskrit for non-existence) became IS or WAS (sat – Sanskrit for existence or Being). The same can be said of any new birth or world event. The moment and place something enters into manifestation or takes birth is the zero point, source point, seed point or epicenter – of that something. What was hidden or not yet active in time and space, becomes active and proceeds to have ‘a life of its own’ … but a ‘life’ or dynamism that is inseparable from … is a microcosm of the life and dynamism of the whole. 

From the zero point or epicenter of the Chilean 8.8 earthquake proceeded waves of destruction as well as ensuing rescue and relief efforts. Scientists and tsunami warning centers scrambled to map the tsunami waves that would spread out from the epicenter and travel across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii and all continents of the Pacific Rim. The Pacific Ocean looked like a bathtub, puddle or lake that someone had dropped a pebble into. [In the  image below it is a duck emerging from a dive that caused the concentric waves.]

Phoenix Lake Duck, © Lori Tompkins, January 2009

The entire Pacific Rim was connected to the epicenter off the coast of Chile via the reality and force of the waves generated at that one point. In images and animations provided by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and other sources, one could see projections of the waves spread out from the epicenter across the Earth as the seconds, minutes and hours on the clock flew by. The element of time was vitally important in tracking how the wave traveled through space and who would be impacted and when. The tsunami images and animations do not show the 360° waves generated by the quake traveling through South America and beyond, or into the Earth’s crust, but they certainly did. [Apparently the entire axis of the Earth shifted 3 inches as a result of the event.]

Whether people realize it or not, part of the gift to be taken from the Chilean disaster is the image (courtesy of modern information technologies, new programming and the World Wide Web) burned into our collective consciousness of the tsunami waves flowing out from the epicenter and across the Pacific over the course of approximately a day. The real connection between the epicenter and the at-risk periphery was known and broadcast as quickly as possible so that people who shared the same ocean knew ahead of time to brace themselves for potential damage from abnormal waves and tides. In times other than our own people would simply be caught unaware by a tsunami and could only conjecture about its cause or source. Even if an earthquake was suspected, they would not know where it happened, how strong it was, how many people were affected, etc. The coastal villagers in Chile who knew from past experience that an earthquake could quickly send a deadly tsunami to their shores, went to higher grounds and survived. Coastal villagers, who did not make this connection, faced the most loss of life.

Knowing that a ‘seed’ event has repercussions that spread out over the globe in 360° time and space not only comes in handy when trying to survive an earthquake-born tsunami, but also when trying to understand ANY source event, or new birth and its unfolding … including one’s own birth – the point in time when one passed from Was Not to Was. Many people track time lines of important events or persons; but lack the higher consideration, knowledge and vision of how energy and light travels … how the individual and collective soul travels and morphs into new forms and occurrences in spheres, circles and cycles of time and space. In the case of understanding and tracking an earthquake-tsunami, this dynamic is somewhat understood by modern man. We expect a quake-tsunami to radiate in 360 degrees. But when it comes to understanding and navigating the waves and concentric cycles set in motion by the impact/force of one’s own birth and by significant personal or global events, most are in the dark. We are confronted all the time with proverbial ‘tsunami waves’ which seem completely random to us, because we do not have the wherewithal to connect the waves or circumstance to a source event or to see how circumstances unfold with precision, ‘like clockwork’ through the hours, days, years and aeons.

My frequent references to and celebration of the work of Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea) stem from the fact that she has had the wherewithal … the higher vision, to bring the Circle and its ‘epicenter’ into full view as an ABSOLUTELY necessary key or base of knowledge by which individuals and the larger collective can view, track and experience events as connected to SOURCE and as part of an orderly unfolding or evolution. No other world teacher, since the Vedic seers walked the Earth, has scratched the surface of this important unifying world Gnosis; and she has, despite all obstacles and ill will, laid it out there for all who have eyes to see, like a hero in a Dan Brown thriller who is the bane of religious zealots.

Interestingly enough, in Dan Brown’s latest thriller, The Lost Symbol, the circumpunct (the Circle and Dot) figures as a major key and clue to the ancient mysteries and ancient knowledge which it is mankind’s time to recover. The storyline reveals in dramatic fashion that one secret or code name for the circumpunct throughout history has been ‘the Rose’ and that this rose symbolizes the unity of source, of creation … of ALL (the unity of the one and the many).  
‘The circumpunct … we know already has many meanings – one of its most esoteric being the rose, the alchemical symbol for perfection. But, when you place a rose on the center of a cross, you create another symbol entirely – the Rose Cross [i.e. ‘Rosicrucian’].’  (The Lost Symbol, p. 320, hardback edition)

‘In the idiom of symbology, there was one symbol that reigned supreme above all others. The oldest and most universal, this symbol fused all the ancient traditions in a single solitary image that represented the illumination of the Egyptian sun god, the triumph of alchemical gold, the wisdom of the Philosopher's Stone, the purity of the Rosicrucian Rose, the moment of Creation, the All, the dominance of the astrological sun, and even the omniscient all-seeing eye that hovered atop the unfinished pyramid. The circumpunct. The symbol of the Source. The origin of all things.'  (ibid., p. 459)
Dan Brown’s research and fictional account of how knowledge, light, and truth of Self (truth of Existence) are to be uncovered and spread out across the globe in our Aquarian Age are admirable and useful in that masses of people are introduced to religion-transcending and all-harmonizing ideas and symbols of Unity, and are encouraged to fathom the real gist of our pressing ‘apocalypse’. 

In reading the book, I wondered at first if Brown had read Thea’s writings. Her birth certificate astonishingly enough, actually reads (via a misprint in her last name) ‘the little 9th Rose’ (Rose Nonelli). Considering her connection to the circumpunct and to the circle of 9 and 0, I wondered if her yoga had in any way affected or inspired Brown’s writing about this symbol. When I finished the book I thought, probably not. If he had read Thea’s work, it is doubtful that his book would have failed to address the necessity of understanding dynamism, becoming or the unfolding of the symbol ‘Rose’ (i.e. the whole of creation and its evolution), the dynamics of the Circle, and how events and circumstances in time and space are connected to the Source or point of origin. Now I wonder if his curiosity and research into the divine mysteries, sacred symbols and sacred geometries will ever compel him to dive through that illustrious door.

© Lori Tompkins
3 March 2010 (3.3.3)

Phoenix Lake Circles, © Lori Tompkins, January 2009

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