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Recovering the Ancient Light and Amrita of the Vedas – Part II

I am glad to see that my last post “Recovering the Ancient Light and Amrita of the Vedas” has been well shared on Facebook. It has the second highest readership of any of my posts, closely following my July 2018 post, “Finding the Saraswati River & Restoring the Flow of Her Vedic Wisdom”. Comments, though largely positive, range from “Great work. A must read” to an angry face emoji. Many readers have requested more simple explanation feeling like what I am conveying is beyond the grasp of normal intellect; and one concluded that what I have presented is “of no consequence”. Whereas this last comment really represents the mind’s seemingly infinite capacity to diminish that which it doesn’t understand, it also represents the necessary task or challenge of conveying the importance (consequence) of unveiling the long-lost Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, when most people have no understanding of Vedic Wisdom precisely because the keys and context of its language have been long-lost. C…

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