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Aditi’s 12 Sons & the Thailand Cave Rescue

Thoughts and Commentary on the Symbolism of the Tham Luang Cave Rescue6 July 2018:I’ve been somewhat aware of the unfolding drama in Thailand, but it wasn’t until this morning while listening to an update that I actually started to notice the symbolism. In short 12 boys and their soccer coach have been trapped in a CAVE since 23 June due to monsoon flooding in Thailand. Reuters described the ordeal as a ‘war with water and time'. It seems clear enough that these are symbols of Aditi’s 12 Sons (the Adityas) mentioned in the Bhagavata Purana. These are the 12 rays or radii of the Solar Year. The disappearance of the 12 boys came a day after the Summer Solstice and the Sun’s entrance into the Water Sign of Cancer, which Thea associated with Diti, the Mother of Darkness. ‘In each month of the year a different Aditya is said to shine. According to the Vaishnava tradition of Hinduism, each of these Adityas is a different expression of the Supreme God Vishnu in the form of the Sun-God.’…

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