Wednesday, March 14, 2018

'Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom' Book Interview on

'Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, written by Lori Tompkins, (published in January 2018) takes the reader into the unknown terrain of the geometric symbols in the Vedas. To know more about the book, I did an interview with Author Lori Tompkins. You can learn more about the book through the interview.'  
- Abhilash Rajendran, Hindu Blog, 14 March 2018
Link to the Interview HERE. Mr. Rajendran asked many great questions which should help people better understand what the book is about and how the yogic discoveries presented in the book open new doors, not only in the study of the Rig Veda and Indian culture, but in the larger study of our worlds ancient mythologies, religions, iconography, and history as well. Sacred Geometry plays a great (and surprising) role in unveiling the deeper truths and connections between our world's ancient wisdom traditions and ancient lore.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

An Animated Construction of the Vesica Piscis

This animated construction of the Vesica Piscis probably should have been the first video of my 'Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom' video series. I actually made the animation a week before I made Parts 1 (The Sacred Geometry of Sri Aurobindo's Symbol) and 2 (Auroville's Heart of Darkness - RE: The Mother's Temple). Anyone interested in the subject of Sacred Geometry and in Geometric Keys of Vedic Gnosis should KNOW how the Vesica Piscis is formed, so I made this video. 

Basically the Vesica Piscis is the Almond (Mandorla) shape formed when two circles overlap in such a way that they share a common radii which connects their center points. Viewers will get a much better sense of the profound role of the Vesica Piscis in our world's Math and Myth in the upcoming Part 4 of this series ('The Vesica Piscis and the Divine Trinity'). This subject is expanded upon in 'The Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom' (360LotusPress, 2018), available on Amazon and Flipkart.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Modi's Speech at Auroville's Golden Jubilee & Auroville's Misconstruction of the Matrimandir

It is truly wonderful and heart warming to see the Prime Minister of India honoring the vision and yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. What a lovely human Modi seems to be. Below Modi's speech is a video that I have made (as part of my 'Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom' Video Series) which addresses Auroville's misconstruction and misrepresentation of the Mother's vision for the Matrimandir (the Mother's Temple), which is an anathema to the fulfillment of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's yogic vision and mission.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Sacred Geometry of Sri Aurobindo's Symbol - Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom Video Series

Additional note (3 March 2018):  in "Sacred Geometry Drawing the Great Pyramid & Testing on Geogebra", YouTube user SGD finds the bottom angle of the Vesica Piscis construction of the Pyramid to be 51.61° where as the Great Pyramid of Egypt is between 51.84° and 51.84°. The angle of the Mother's design, based on standardized measurements of Sri Aurobindo's Symbol (from May 1964) shows a height of 7.58 cm and a base of 12 cm and two base angles of 51.5°. However, using an angle calculator, this same height and base produces two base angles of approximately 51.64°, quite close to the Vesica Piscis construction of the Pyramid. The below image is from the archives of Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea), and I believe was drawn by Kai Sievertson. These measurements appear to be obtained from "the Drawing Office" of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram if there is such a thing. I do not know if Thea added these slightly-off angle measures (51.5°, 51.5° and 77°) to the standardized measurements of Sri Aurobindo's Symbol or if they are part of the official standard measurements. I will try to find out.

Monday, January 22, 2018

'Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom' Book Trailer

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Free Download of Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, Scam Alert

One day, in decades yet to come, I may offer an ebook edition of Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom for free download, but that day or decade has not yet come. Any site offering a free download of my book is a scam. Right now the only authorized ebook distribution (or download) of my book is via purchase from

The reason I write this post is because this morning I did a Google search of my book title and the first hit read "Free Download of Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom". Alarmed by this unauthorized distribution, I clicked on the link and it led me to a address. I did not try to download the book from this site because I imagined it was a scam and that clicking "Download" would infect my computer with Malware and such. 

I called CreateSpace and they said it is a fishing scam and that I needed to call Amazon. I then called Amazon who, in turn, said I needed to call CreateSpace. I thereupon asked for an Amazon supervisor who directed me to a copyright infringement form which I filled out. The result of filling out this form was Amazon's legal team telling me there was nothing they could do about such sites or infringements. Then, while looking again for this scam page to report to Google, I found that sometime between me reporting it this morning and mid-afternoon the scam offer/page has sense been disabled. And it no longer shows up in a Google search for my books title. HOW WEIRD IS THAT? Conspiracy Theories anyone? Amazon and CreateSpace both stated that they couldn't help me, so how and why exactly did this scam site get disabled before I even had a change to alert Google of the problem?

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Birthing a Book

Kali, c. 1855, West Bengal, Wikimedia Commons
Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom (2018), p. 107. 

[Update: As of 15 January 2018, a Kindle ebook edition of Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom is now available on The ebook is available in many countries including INDIA].

So, it has been an exciting week. I finally published Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom on, together with the book's Press Release that has traveled far and wide across the Earth. I've also established a new Facebook page for the book. I began this book in late February of 2016 after waking from a dream vision of the vesica piscis which highlighted the connection between the 432,000-mile measure of the Sun and the 432,000 seconds of degrees (120˚) of the circle. I already knew about this connection from the work of Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (a.k.a. Thea), but she hadn’t seen or written about it in terms of the sacred geometry of the vesica piscis. I told her about this vision and she wrote:

Lori, please write a full piece on this for the [Aeon Centre of Cosmology] website and relate it to the Core of the Chamber wherein the Vesica is central to its most profound revelations. You could quote Tenth Day on this. Bring it all together. The Vesica is ancient and sacred. Show how with the descent of Supermind these ancient truths are ‘all made new’. 
Thea, Feb 27, 2016 
I thereupon started an article which grew into a 432-page book, the first draft of which I finished in April of 2017. Then came formatting, editing, fact checking, working on my graphic, creating the index, as well as creating the cover art, and then the process of getting it all up on CreateSpace which was a huge learning curve, with many rounds of proofing and such. I had had ideas that I would publish it on Sri Aurobindo’s 145th birth anniversary (15 August 2017), then on what he and the Mother called Immortality Day (26 November), then on the Winter Solstice, then on New Year’s Day, but the day it was finally ready to GO turned out to be 11 January 2018, 18 years to the day when I arrived in Pondicherry in 2000. It was on that fateful day that, while looking at the last pictures of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother ever taken alive in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram visitor’s center, I was given the information (out of thin air) that the Sri Aurobindo Ashram had fossilized (like a religion) around the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, but that there was a third level of the Supramental Descent and much more work to be done. Events thereupon arranged themselves so that circa the Spring Equinox of 2000, I would find Thea’s book The Gnostic Circle. It felt perfect that Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom chose the 18-year anniversary of this special date to be born into the world – a date which 18 years ago irreversibly changed the course of my life’s journey, and led to receiving and writing this book. 

I’ve recently been trying to express to my colleagues at Aeon Centre of Cosmology what this book represents and how it builds and expands upon the yogic accomplishments previously made by Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Thea. Below is a bit of what I wrote to them about how the book came to be and what it IS.

'The Vesica Piscis has presented itself in a very unsubtle manner since early 2016 as an eternal, unbreakable key, weapon, and diamond of gnosis ... which slays Ignorance, and distortions heaped upon the ancient Vedic Gnosis for multiple millennia, and opens new doors in terms of Integral, Supramental Gnosis. The Vesica Piscis is a building block (the foundation stone) of the Zodiac, and of all Vishnu's mythology and iconography. Without this key the Rig Veda and the real sense of the world's religions and mythology would remain largely veiled. It is a weapon of Vedic gnosis that is destined and designed to tear down the tamasic hold or seemingly impenetrable shell of Ignorance and free the rivers of Vedic gnosis our world in this Age of Aquarius, and to help people better appreciate and understand the gifts of gnosis that Thea brought down with her, as well as the gifts of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. I hope some of you find your way to appreciating this astounding play of time and events which has born forth the victorious key and weapon that the Vesica Piscis is.'
‘I began writing the article as Thea requested and then realized after page 30 or so that it was going to be a book and that the Vesica Piscis had a lot more to show me. Just as the Fusion GPS folks did not expect their open-ended investigations into Trump's affairs to lead into ALL that they found, I did not expect that my investigation and article about the Vesica Piscis would lead to ALL that it did. Regardless, I was compelled into the discovery of the full scope of what it IS and of its power as a weapon of Gnosis. From early on in the writing process, I knew I was on to something REAL and important in terms of the Supramental Gnosis and Cosmology. I remembered that the Vesica Piscis was given to Thea by [her son circa the age of 6] ... which provided Thea with the key of seeing the Sacred Measure of the Mother’s Temple and ALL of the Gnosis it contained.... After some eight months of learning how the Vesica Piscis is the foundation and key of understanding the mythology of Vishnu’s avatars, the week of Thea’s passing arrived, whereupon I discovered, in no uncertain terms, that the Vesica Piscis is the river, heart and master key of the Rig Veda, without which there is no release of its waters or treasures of Gnosis [i.e. of its true sense and zodiacal context].’ 
‘I am 100% confident that what I have written is important in terms of the progressive recovery of Vedic Gnosis and hence to the progressive descent and advance of Supramental Gnosis in our world. In a nutshell, what has been accomplished is the discovery/recovery of the HEART (hṛd) of the Rig Veda, and it was accomplished the week of Thea’s passing.’ 
‘I know [this] is true, which is why I find myself in this position right now of bringing it forth regardless of whatever obstacles attempt to keep this River or Key pent up in the Caves of Ignorance that it has been [hidden] in for thousands of years. I know that this River is the basis of Saraswati’s REAL power to destroy the forces/forts of Ignorance in the Rig Veda and in the world. Without it, there is no possibility of a full victory of the Supramental [Shakti]. So as whereas from your perspective(s) I likely seem overly confident of what I know and of the value of my contribution, from my perspective the Vesica Piscis has simply presented itself and its Power to me; and, as promised in the occult language of the Rig Veda, it is an eternal and infallible Weapon enabling those who know it, find it, etc. to carry forth the Vedic victory of releasing the Rivers, Cows, Horses, which are not physical rivers and herds, but treasures of unifying Gnosis. It turns out that this is not just a myth … it is actually true, just not in the way that most would have ever imagined.’ 

For some reason, I had the ridiculous idea that I would be able to relax a bit once I finally pushed the book out of my creative hatch, giving it its life in the world. But the reality is that I have a ton of work to do to help launch the book, and that my nervous system has gone a bit haywire. I have basically come out of the closet to my yoga colleagues and to the world as someone who has received some important new information, and therein initiating the predictable shit storm which can be summed up by the mental-egoic plight wherein “New ideas are … the enemies of old ones” (Carl Gustav Jung). In the Indian tradition this ancient plight is depicted in the Churning of the Milky Ocean mythology wherein the Gods and Demons play tug of war with a snake. So now, I must adjust to this new reality wherein my new yogically-attained discoveries are OUT THERE in the collective field, as a natural enemy of many old and deeply cherished ideas and belief systems. 

I feel like I’ve had many lives within this one incarnation, i.e. many significant reboots or rebirths, but in this new life-within-my-life, I have opened myself up to the possibility of becoming a more public figure which, as a bit of a hermit, is not something I think I will necessarily enjoy or be good at. If no one recognizes the importance of this discovery of long-lost keys of the Rig Veda, which also shed great light on most of the world's mythologies, ancient symbols and texts, then I suppose the good news is that I can remain comfortably unknown.