The Bison Fortify the Warriors at Standing Rock

'Native Americans attempting to stop a pipeline from being built on their land and water just got assistance from a large herd of wild buffalo.' -

from videobuzz on Vimeo. [The herd of bison appear 30 seconds in.]

Five days after posting
'The Symbolism of the Bull and the Cow in the US Presidential Election, and in the Rig Veda', a herd of thousands of wild bison (i.e. Bulls and Cows) came to Standing Rock, as reported by a native American blog entitled White Wolf Pack and republished on Sign of the Times blog. The blog notes:
The great bison or buffalo of North America is a very powerful symbol to American Indians. ... To the plains Indian, our Bison Brother meant sacred life and the abundance of the Creator's blessing on Mother Earth. ... The bison is powerful medicine that is a symbol of sacrifice and service to the community. ... The bison represents abundance of the Creator's bounty and respect for all creation knowing that all things are sacred. 
American Indians' respect for the Bison Bull and Cow, which is clearly tied to the ancient Vedic gnosis of the unity of Spirit and Matter, stands now in direct confrontation with a civilization that has entirely disregarded the sacredness of the material world (the 'Cow of Plenty'). The militarized Dakota Access forces on one side of the confrontation represent the toxic, land grabbing, money grabbing, Earth defiling Ignorance of the lopsided ruling Patriarchy of our world. The Native Americans and those who are assisting them in their battle at Canon Ball, North Dakota represent the consciousness of the sacred union between Spirit and Matter. The Native Americans are demanding respect for themselves, for their water supply, for the Earth. They are not only peacefully demanding justice, they are peacefully demanding that humanity do BETTER.

In the Rig Veda the Bull represents the Hero and true warrior, united with and protector of the Earth - the womb and field of life. The word 'Bull' comes from the Sanskrit word bala meaning 'power', 'strength', 'might', 'vigour' and 'force'. Bala is related to bha, meaning the light of the Sun that shines forth upholds material creation (the Cow). This is the true essence of the sacred symbol of the Bull/Cow. The fact that the Native American can appreciate the Bison herd and its significance for them as warriors in the battle against the 'tearers', 'grabbers', 'hoarders' of the world is a real and important part of this ongoing story. Bala in Sanskrit can also mean fool, which I take as what happens when the Bull-Male is disconnected from the Earth and his true role on on it. Along these same lines, Balin, another Sanskrit word for Bull, is closely related to Balina – the poisonous Scorpion

“Stand up, rise up, find your warrior spirit!” 

- Standing Rock protester, as reported by CBS news


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