The Future Realisation Video Series

Featured below is the video series of 'The Future Realisation - an exhibition connecting the Supramental Gnosis of the Mother to the Vedic Age', presented by Aeon Centre of Cosmology held at Aurodhan Art Gallery in Pondicherry, 9-27 February 2014. Videos include images from the exhibition as well as footage from two Q&A sessions with Thea (Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet) on 27 February. Answers focus on the importance of the sacred geometry and gnostic content of the measurements given by the Mother for the inner chamber of her temple, and its implications in terms of Sri Aurobindo's work and in terms of our collective evolution. The history of the Auroville Matrimandir is explored, specifically, how it became a temple to the mental-egoic consciousness of mankind at present, rather than a temple of the 'future realisation' of Supramental Gnosis as envisioned by the Mother. There will be approximately 9 videos in total, one posted every 6 days or so.


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