The Axiom of Maria - 'One becoming two, two becoming three ...'

The following question was posed in a forum and to me and a couple of my colleagues. The author of the question is in the process of reading and trying to digest The Gnostic Circle.
 '...when one hears alchemists proclaiming one becoming two, two becoming three and out of the third comes one as the fourth (Axiom of Maria), or the eastern concepts of circle divided first into three and then into four, could they be describing the evolution of human brain?'
Here is my Response:

Thea discusses this Axiom in various places in her work. Right now the only place I have located it is in Chapter VIII (pp. 68-70) of The Magical Carousel Commentaries. She writes, "...the fourth principle, is the nucleus, – or rather the hidden seed in the core of the nucleus, the miraculous energy that in alchemical tradition is called the filius philosophorum, the philosopher's sun, or the lapis philosophorum, the philosopher's stone, the aurum, or gold, the Son, the Salvator, the materia prima. The discovery of this hidden element was the supreme goal of the alchemist.'

From what I have learned, this 'Axiom of Maria' has various levels of meanings. The most basic being mathematical/geometrical. When you start to count out the points of the Triangle in the circle, starting from the top and ending at the top (completing the WHOLE circle/triangle), you will see how unmysterious the axiom becomes:

Note that when overlaying this formula/axiom of 'one becoming two, two becoming three and out of the third comes one as the fourth' onto the circle of 9 and onto the Transcendent (9), Cosmic (6) and Individual (3) triad, the count/movement corresponds to the Descent, i.e. to the Transcendent (9) coming 'down' into the Cosmic (6), and into the Individual (3) to be seeded in the all-integrating realization of the 4th (0/1):

The 4th, is the triadic One ... A Oneness whose fully potent seed/nucleus is not a VOID but rather fully contains the Transcendent (9), the Cosmic (6) and the Individual (3). This is a 360 degree, spherical & multidimensional POINT of view. 

In our evolutionary journey, in the evolution of our consciousness we are capable of developing/birthing this all-integrating POINT of view, this triadic Oneness, which is the hidden reality/core/central point of all matter and creation. It is our potential and our destiny.

If and when you get around to reading The New Way, Volumes 1 & 2, you will see how this axiom applies to Sri Aurobindo, to the Supramental Descent and to the evolutionary imprint that he has made on our day and age. It is a wondrous story.

Considering that our evolution is a truly integral process, the brain must be developing in a way that can blossom into this new consciousness ... a consciousness that is to be at least as different from our mental consciousness as our consciousness is from the animal consciousness. As far as how the structure of the brain will continue to change to better accommodate/reflect the growth of this 4th principle – this Supramental seedling – in our consciousness, that leaves to be seen, and there is no use speculating about that.


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