Better Judgment Day

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A few months ago I saw a billboard announcing 21 May 2011 as Judgment Day. My immediate thought was that perhaps 22 May 2011 should be celebrated as Better Judgment Day. Not MORE judgment ... but simply better judgment, better discrimination, better vision, etc. By better, I suppose I mean wider and more all-encompassing ... more accurate and integrous in terms of the Whole dynamic being that we are. I am sure most of us on planet Earth would benefit from the grace of having better judgment or better capacities of discernment. Because as is, we have a have a difficult time discriminating between what is TRUE and what is just the limited and distorted imaginings of an individual ego/mind or the collective imaginings, distortions or agreements of a mass of people. Most of us are caught up in one way or another in individual or collective stories that do not necessarily reflect the truth of our existence, nor the truth of our potential.

Humans need better judgment in most all actions and endeavors, but perhaps the biggest and most immediate area that calls for better judgment, is in the area of religion.

People have many names for the Divine and many ideas about what constitutes a 'right' relationship and communion with the Divine. People celebrate many different prophets, divine personas and teachers who have historically inspired or who presently inspire a powerful feeling and vision of Divinity. Most of the time people are born into their religion, and would likely have been successfully indoctrinated into another religion and world-view, had they been born elsewhere.

So, knowing this to be true, how is it that those celebrating the Divine by one name and by one strain of inherited customs, do not recognize that even though others are celebrating the Divine by other names and by other strains of inherited customs, the underlying impulse towards witnessing or experiencing Divinity is the same? Different languages, different cultures, different prophets, and different sacred texts are naturally going to produce different interpretations and different expressions of the impulse to observe the Divine hand supporting our material evolution or material experience. The pressing question now is: When will all of us participating in this natural process of varying interpretation, expression and splintered interests become aware of the process, and become blissfully aware of our common heart, our common origin, our common divinity, despite all apparent differences.

Each religion has some idea, vision or HOPE of a divinely-inspired destruction of our corrupted civilization and the birth of a new civilization and age based on the true force, true vision or manifestation of the Divine. I am curious to see in my life time, what religions and what portion of the religious masses will take a step back and consider that a substantial element of what is to be destroyed in any true apocalypse ('apocalypse' meaning: uncovering of light) is not only the unconsciousness that has allowed Divinity to be fragmented into so many bickering and warring sects, but also all the structures and institutions built up upon such unconsciousness

Humanity should learn to celebrate the dismissal, destruction and dissolution of all inherited (and newly-learned) misconceptions and false separative barriers that block our realization and manifestation of a universal harmony and shared journey. We should honestly face the many generations, the many centuries of 'bad' judgment that has led us to our current world crisies (a world in dis-integration) and learn to support each other in our ability to experience and manifest higher Truth, higher consciousness and essential Bliss.


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