2010 December Solstice Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Synchronicity

Whereas I am happy to see such a beautiful celebration and announcement of this unique December Solstice, the last message in the video -- 'You can create unity' -- seems bizarre to me. As if Unity was not a FACT of existence that the mind (as presently constituted) has a hard time seeing or experiencing.

Celebrating the formative, cardinal or creative points of the Earth's year (i.e. the  Solstices and the Equinoxes)  as a means of unifying energies of the collective does have quite an illustrious history (as mentioned in the quote below). But from what I have understood of Vedic wisdom, observing and 'Traveling' the Tropical year is a way, a path or journey towards developing a consciousness of the Unity of Creation rather than creating unity itself. Properly oriented within this journey, we participate in, observe, celebrate and bring forward  in our awareness that which holds us ALL in Unity.

The Tropical Year is our common journey. To be unconscious of IT is to be unconscious of the unified creation, the unified material existence or  unified field of which we are an intricate part. To ignore or attempt to transcend this four-pillared foundation of the Self represents a loss of Knowledge ... and a very literal waste of Time.
'... it was through the calendar in use by all ancient societies, from the Vedic to the Egyptian, the Persian, the Greek and finally the Roman. They all made use of the cosmic harmony to unify the energies of the conquered around a common system. ...

'This was the same calendar used throughout the ancient world. It was based on the actual provable harmony of our solar system with its four pillars, the Equinoxes and the Solstices. Two were the most important of all: Mahavishuva or the March Equinox, the beginning of the zodiacal year; and the Makar/Capricorn Sankranti, the December Solstice and shortest day of the year. ...

'The method to unify – today as it has always been – is through a calendar that unites and no longer divides.'  -- Unity and the Hindu Samaj by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet

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