Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Letter to the President - Demand Responsibility to Earth & Her Inhabitants

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'The curse AFRICOM is designed to perpetuate'

'The sleeper must awaken.'
– Frank Herbert, Dune
Today I sent off the following letter to the President of the United States (via Perhaps it is time for people to wake up now and demand better of ourselves and of others.  [Here's an added link to Contact CNN and request intensive coverage/investigation of the Niger Oil Spills]
Dear President Obama,

PLEASE ADDRESS THE ONGOING NIGER OIL SPILLS ... IT IS CRIMINAL WHAT IS HAPPENING THERE, WORSE THAN THE GULF SPILL, IT NEEDS MEDIA AND GOVERNMENT ATTENTION NOW. NOW. NOW. Government officials and the American people should see and begin to address and reverse the devastating effects of their lifestyles/addiction to oil. The Oil Companies and all involved should be held accountable! This administration must demand that the oil companies involved clean up the Niger Delta and compensate the population for their unbelievable losses.

If this administration does not make emergency and heroic advances in its movement towards sustainable, non-polluting (including non-nuclear) energy, then the Gulf Oil Spill Catastrophe will have been a waste upon unbelievable waste and may lead very many people to consider ousting a government that they think is just too deeply intertwined with the greed, corruption and criminal behavior of massive corporations such as (but not limited to) oil companies. When will the President of the United States and other leaders stand up and say that the Earth and the people and creatures of the Earth, no matter from what country, must be valued above profits?

Colonization, slavery, indentured servitude has not truly ended; it is just in a new form ... but just as despicable. If you wish to share anything in common with Lincoln's revolutionary and visionary leadership, you will proceed to use your position to call for ... to insist upon a new way of doing business, one that does not abuse, waste away and destroy the resources, beauty and people of the Earth. What other direction is acceptable in terms of trying to reverse and heal the damage we have done and truly PROGRESS as people sharing ONE Earth?

Here are a few videos of the ongoing Niger Oil Spill Catastrophe that hardly anyone in America seems to know or care about.

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