Wednesday, June 3, 2009


A friend asked where I got the name 'Circumsolatious' and what does it mean. Imagining that more than a few friends/readers will have the same question, I'm posting my reply:

"GREAT question. Circumsolar is an adjective meaning 'that which travels around the Sun.' Circumsolatious is a word I made up because it sounded nice - like a celebration of our circumsolar-ness. The suffix '-acious' means something along the lines of 'full of' or 'characterized by'. So as VIVACIOUS means to be full of life, CIRCUMSOLATIOUS means to be full of one's solar and circumsolar nature. I think am especially using the word to describe whether or not something or someone illuminates, acknowledges or expresses a circumsolar design or consciousness. For example if you said, 'You know I think the solar system is a conscious being whose heart is the Sun," I would dub you 'circumsolatious'. If you said, 'Life is a random, purposeless chaos that I wish to transcend"; that would NOT BE circumsolatious at all."

Here's an image that might help set the mood:

Trees, like all matter and life on Earth, are circumsolar beings. This cross-section of a tree to me is circumsolatious. It expresses in its form, in its body, the design of the solar system and larger cosmos. It is a symbol, like the Sun, of the structure and design of our consciousness.

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